IRELAND: Studio Art or Art Minor, History and Culture in Ireland (Summer 2 deadline – March 1)

Ballyvaughn, Ireland

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  • Summer 1 Semester - May 30 - June 30, 2015 (dates subject to change)
  • Summer 2 Semester - July 3 - August 3, 2015 (dates subject to change)

Application Deadline

  • Summer 1 Semester - Priority Deadline: November 15, 2014
  • Summer 2 Semester - Priority Deadline: November 15, 2014

Final deadline for Dialogue of Civilization programs is February 1st. Program accepting applications until filled and is subject to close at any time.


Deadline extended for Summer 2 - applications due March 1, 2015

Faculty Leader: Mira Cantor (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Information Session: January 28th, 5-6pm, 403 Ryder Hall


  • Summer 1 Art Studio: Painting and Drawing in Ireland
  • Summer 2 Art Studio, Culture, and History in Ireland

*Students who participate in both summer terms will fulfill four required courses for the Art Minor!  See below for more information.

*See below for how courses fulfill Art Minor requirements

Summer 1:

  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Observational Drawing
  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Painting Basics in Ireland

Summer 2:

  • ARTE2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Art Studio in Ireland
  • ARTE2501 Art and Design Abroad: History - Art, History and Culture in Ireland


All students have their own studios.

The Art Minor in Ireland is a new program designed to allow students to complete four courses toward the Art Minor in the months of June and July for 16 credits. It also gives other students who have an interest in art the opportunity to make work for 8 credits in Summer 1 or 2.  Summer 1 is focused on the basics of painting and drawing. Summer 2 is an intermediate program focused on individual projects and self -direction in any media. (See below for more information)

These are team taught courses that will enable art students to work on their strengths. Students will experience cultural and physical differences in landscape and people which will inspire their imaginations and help interpret their experiences in a unique way. We are located at the Burren College of Art on the western coast of Ireland in a town of 400 people. All students have their own studios that are open 24/7.  A journal is required as well as some readings.

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Summer 1:

  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Observational Drawing
    *Will fulfill ARTF1120 requirement for Art Minor.
  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Painting Basics in Ireland
    *Will fulfill ARTS2340 requirement for Art Minor.

These beginning courses are for students who want an experience abroad that translates into images from the natural world, landscape and social interactions within a community in Ireland. Located in the Burren, on the west coast of Ireland, students will be working outdoors developing ideas for paintings and drawings. Students will be given their own studios to develop their work. The painting class will be structured with assignments starting from basic color theory to individual interpretations of the environment and landscape in paint. The drawing class will be structured with exercises in line, form, value and texture using still life and landscape.

Summer 2:

  • ARTE2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Art Studio in Ireland
  • ARTE2501 Art and Design Abroad: History - History and Culture in Ireland
    *Both Courses fulfill elective requirements for the Art Minor.

Host University

The Burren College of Art nestled on Galway Bay on the Western Coast of Ireland.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA recommended
  • Interview with the Faculty Leader
  • It is recommended that students complete ARTF1122 2D Fundamentals: Surface + Drawing and ARTF1123 2D Tools on-campus prior to the start of the program.  Students who have not taken these courses may still apply.
  • NOTE: Students who participate in the full summer program will fulfill the remaining requirements of the Art Minor if they have already taken ARTF1122 and ARTF1123.

Application Procedure

    • Online Dialogue of Civilizations application (available on OISP website and myNEU)
    • $500 non-refundable program deposit paid through NUPay.* Be sure to select the appropriate summer term.**
    • One copy of passport ID page – to be given directly to your faculty leader after acceptance.
    • 2-3 page essay answering the following questions (copy and pasted into online application):
    1. What are your personal and academic reasons for wishing to participate in this Dialogue of Civilizations program?
    2. How will the program further your academic and career goals?
    3. What is your previous travel and language experience, if any?
    4. What courses have you taken which are directly relevant to the program?

    *If you are not accepted into your Dialogue program, the $500 deposit will be credited to your student account.

    **Applications are not considered complete until deposit is received. This deposit will be applied to the full cost of the program.

    **Faculty may require additional information and/or interview (after application deadline)

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Students will be charged as follows for each summer term:

Tuition: $10,634

DOC Fee: $3,000

Tuition and DOC Fee cover 8 Northeastern credits, round-trip airfare from Boston, housing for program duration, International Security and Emergency Support, as well as some local transport, excursions and group meals.

*Note: Students who participate in both the summer 1 and summer 2 programs will receive a $1,000 credit to be applied to their student account after summer 2 commences. Between terms, housing in Ballyvaughn for these students will also be included at no additional cost.


All students will reside in a beautiful facility called Orchard House where laundry and internet are provided, There is a large kitchen. Food is NOT provided but students can shop nearby for groceries. House is located between the studios and the town; about ½ mile in each direction.

Housing between terms for students participating in both terms will also be included in Ballyvaughn at no additional cos


Ballyvaughn is nestled in an unusal spot on Galway Bay called The Burren which means “rocky place”. This glacier which is left over from the ice age is a limestone mountain zone covered with wild flowers. It is also used as grazing land for cattle and sheep. There are trails for hiking and exploring this untouched landscape. The wind and rain can be formidable but the sun brings in spectacular colors and light that is breathtaking; all in the same day. It is a place for creativity and thought within an inspiring landscape. The Burren College provides each student with a  6 x 12 foot studio space.

A trip to the Aran Islands gives us a real sense of isolation and the struggles and survival skills of the Irish people. We visit two of the three islands where we note the incredibly high rock walls that are hand built and the simple daily tasks of survival.

In Dublin, the contrast of the city makes one realize the stark differences in country life. We spend 2 nights looking at museums and important historic sites that relate to Irish history.e.g the Book of Kells, the Kilamainham Gaol, and the National Museum.