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Vina del Mar, Chile

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  • Fall Semester - Late July - Mid December
  • Spring Semester - Early March - Mid June
  • Summer 1 Semester - Late May - late June
  • Summer 2 Semester - Late June - Late July

Application Deadline

  • Fall Semester - March 15
  • Spring Semester - October 1
  • Summer 1 Semester - March 1
  • Summer 2 Semester - March 1


Study Abroad Coordinator: Lane Marder (

Students with all levels of Spanish may study in Chile through the Universidad de Viña del Mar. Students may study abroad for a semester, summer I or summer II session. Semester courses and summer courses are available in English and Spanish.  Subject areas include Spanish language, Film, Literature, Business, Politics, Social Issues, and Chilean Culture.

Why Viña del Mar?

  • Beautiful city on the beach
  • Easy access to other large cities
  • Lots of restaurants and things to do
  • Opportunity to not only take classes with other international students, but with Chilean students as well
  • Large student population in both Viña del Mar and Valparaíso
  • Small class sizes


The Universidad de Viña del Mar offers courses for all levels of Spanish ability. All students will be required to take Spanish language courses plus electives taught in English or Spanish.

Fall and Spring Curriculum

  • Students will receive 16 NU credits on the program.
  • All students will take a Spanish Placement Test after arrival, which will ultimately determine which level of Spanish classes you'll take. Students who test into the A1 or A2 levels may take the Spanish Language classes listed below, plus electives in English.  Students who test into B1 or higher can choose among the Spanish language classes listed below and take electives in English or Spanish.
    •  Beginner level is for complete beginners who have not taken any Spanish before.
    • Elementary level is for students who have taken a little Spanish before, such as in high school or 1 semester in college.
    • Intermediate level must have completed 2-3 semesters or 3-4 quarters of college level Spanish.
    • High Intermediate level must have completed 3-4 semesters or 4-5 quarters of college level Spanish.
    • Advanced level must have completed 4 or more semesters or 6 or more quarters of college level Spanish.

Summer I or II Curriculum

  • Summer students will take two intensive language courses for a total of 8 NU credits.
  • All students will take a Spanish language placement test upon arrival.  All of the Spanish language courses listed under each level are mandatory for students who place into that level.  All levels available during the summer session are listed below.

All students enrolled in the Vina del Mar summer program can also participate in 18 hours of volunteer work.

Elementary (A2) Level-Spanish Language

  • Note: This level is for beginners who have had a little Spanish study before.  This may include students who took Spanish in high school but not in college, as well as students who have taken one semester of beginner Spanish in college.
  • Communicational Spanish & Chilean Culture - 76 contact hours
  • Communicational Strategies: Grammar & Composition - 44 contact hours

Intermediate (B2) Level-Spanish Language

High Intermediate (C1) Level-Spanish Language

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If you are interested in enrolling in a course not in our database, please send this course for evaluation.

Policies and Process for Evaluations

Host University

Founded November 21, 1988, the Universidad de Viña del Mar (UVM) is a private institution of higher education and has quickly become one of Chile's most prestigious private universities. With approximately 5,000 enrolled students and not too many Americans, it has the perfect environment to be able to easily integrate with Chilean students, and receive personal attention from the faculty and International Office. The UVM has an educational model that emphasizes social responsibility, and is a new university that prides itself on being a flexible and innovative. In addition, the UVM strives to create leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, who can be competitive in today's global society. The university recognizes that today's workplace is not only interdisciplinary, but it is also becoming increasingly globalized and competitive. Therefore, the UVM's mission is "To create people who can contribute to the development of their surroundings, by gaining knowledge in an academic environment that is also humanistic, technologically advanced, and integrated." The importance of cultural exchange through both welcoming students from abroad and sending their own students abroad is also a key element in the UVM's mission. The Universidad de Viña del Mar has a modern campus that is located in the higher part of the city and has characteristics similar to some of the most important higher education centers in Europe and North America. The UVM has also been a pioneer in promoting new fields of study in Chile, such as Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources and Architecture. The campus covers 50 acres, situated on the principle access street to Viña del Mar. It is minutes away from the center of the city, adjacent to where Pope John Paul II spoke in 1987. The main campus contains the majority of UVM's academic schools and departments and has a variety of features, such as ample classrooms, auditoriums, library, laboratories, amphitheatre, gymnasium and sports complex, cafeteria, banking services, and bookstores.

Eligibility Requirements

  • GPA of at least 2.5
  • Open to students of all language levels
  • 2 completed terms at NU, one of which may be a summer term
  • Transfer students and spring admits, please contact OISP for eligibility

Application Procedure

    • Online OISP application
    • Online ASA application

      Northeastern University students should not pay the $150 program deposit at time of application. They should apply online without making a payment and then call ASA to pay the $50 application fee.  The $100 program deposit will be covered by Northeastern University OISP.

      Please submit the following directly to OISP:

    • Unofficial transcript
    • Photocopy of Passport ID Page
    • Release & Credits Form
    • One Letter of Recommendation is required if GPA is below 3.0
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    Fall 2015 or Spring 2016: $22,660

    Includes: Northeastern University (NU) tuition for 16 NU credits ($22,310), and International Security and Economic Support ($350). Students are responsible for all other expenses, including housing and other non-academic costs for which they will be billed directly by the program provider or host institution. Students are also responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights.

    Summer 2 2015: $10,909

    Includes: Northeastern University (NU) tuition for 8 NU credits ($10,634), and International Security and Economic Support ($275). Students are responsible for all other expenses, including housing and other non-academic costs for which they will be billed directly by the program provider or host institution. Students are also responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights.


    Students live with a host family that provides 3 meals per day and laundry once per week. Rooms are double occupancy. For more information, please go to ASA's page directly here.


    Viña del Mar (known as simply "Viña" to Chileans) is both a thriving city as well as a major vacation destination. Located about 70 miles northwest of Santiago in the Valparaíso region and province, it is Chile's fourth largest city. Technically, the population stands at about 320,000, but that number swells during the summer when Chileans flock to Viña to enjoy its beaches, restaurants, ATP tennis tournament, and music festival.

    Viña del Mar is actually located just 5 miles from the city of Valparaíso, and these two cities together form the second largest urban center in Chile, with a combined population of over 600,000. While Viña del Mar provides beautiful beaches and a varied repertoire of artistic performances, Valparaíso is internationally recognized as the cultural and legislative capital of Chile, and as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The distinctive personality of Viña and Valparaíso is exemplified by the large student population that resides there. It has been calculated that some 60,000 students from all 15 Chilean regions and from various countries in Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia populate these two cities, and in turn, have transformed them into Chile's preferred destination for college students.

    The town of Viña del Mar was founded in 1878 as a place for the wealthy from cities such as Santiago and Valparaíso to get away. It quickly became more than a town for the rich, as major companies began to be established there, helping the local economy boom. Originally the town was simply an extension of the neighboring city of Valparaíso, but because of the area's growth, the Chilean government authorized it to be a separate city.

    Besides being known for its beaches, Viña del Mar draws both tourists and locals to the numerous parks and fountains that are found throughout the city. Rich in flowers and plants, Viña's most famous bed of flowers in the city is the Reloj de Flores, a large clock made up of flowering plants.

    The weather is also an attraction for many, including the President of Chile who keeps a home in Viña, since the summers aren't too hot and the winters aren't too cold. The mild and enjoyable climate makes Viña a perfect environment for the abundance of gardens, palm trees, and banana trees-and students-that make up the city.