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Manipal, India

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  • Fall Semester - Mid-August - Mid-December
  • Spring Semester - mid-January to mid-May

Application Deadline

  • Fall Semester - March 15
  • Spring Semester - October 1


Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

The Global and Public Health Program at Manipal University offers students a comprehensive overview of public health in India, as well as a multi-disciplinary array of courses focused on Indian culture, politics and society. Based at one of India’s premier private universities, this program provides an integrated Indian campus experience and the unique opportunity to live and take courses with Indian peers.

As part of their coursework, students visit local health clinics to understand health promotion, infectious disease treatment and prevention, and traditional and contemporary medical practice, as well as explore India’s traditional culture and contemporary ascendance on the world stage. Field visits integrated with the core course provide exposure to the regional complexity of Karnataka and its local religions, landscapes, livelihoods, and economies.

Academic calendar



All students are required to take one core course in contemporary Indian culture.  Additionally, students must select 4 courses from among the electives offered in public health and/or Indian Studies, for a total of 5 required courses.

Students will be charged Northeastern undergraduate tuition for 16 credits.  Should a student decide to transfer back a fifth course, he or she will then be charged an overload fee as defined on the Northeastern University Registrar’s website.  Please note: See Cost section for additional Study Abroad fees.

Public Health and Ayurveda electives: The Global and Public Health program capitalizes on Manipal University's medical and health science programs' long-standing reputation, offering students direct-enroll course options addressing rural public health, global public health, national health policy, and Ayurveda. These courses include a field-based practicum alongside other Manipal students, with regular visits to the university’s hospital and rural health clinics. Past students have shadowed doctors in various departments at Manipal University Hospital, visited a leprosy hospital and rehabilitation center, learned how to screen and diagnose tuberculosis patients, and participated in local rural implementation of WHO organized India-wide polio eradication project.

Indian Studies: The Indian Studies curriculum provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary look at India’s past, present, and future. The university has drawn its most talented teaching faculty from geopolitics, philosophy, European studies, and communications to teach direct-enroll and specially-designed courses focusing on India and South Asia.

Course listings and syllabi

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Host University

The Alliance Public Health and Indian Studies program is based at Manipal University, a premier private university known throughout India and around the world for its strong medical college and health science programs. With over 18,000 graduate and undergraduate students, including 3,500 students from countries in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia, Manipal’s world-class faculty bring a dynamic approach to the classroom. The Manipal campus is modern, with state-of-the-art facilities including numerous colleges and institutes, classrooms, libraries, student hostels, food courts, athletic fields and swimming pools, and a brand new indoor sports complex. Students come from all over India and the world to study at Manipal, and Alliance students are immersed in its thriving campus life, with every opportunity to participate in student activities, clubs, festivals, and sports competitions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 2 completed terms at NU, one of which may be a summer term
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • Transfer students and spring admits, please contact OISP for eligibility

Application Procedure

    OISP online application

    Alliance online application, including:

    • Approval form completed by your study abroad coordinator (submitted online)
    • Statement of purpose
    • Official transcript
    • Academic recommendation (submitted online)
    • Alliance Need-Based Scholarship Application (optional)

    Additionally, please submit the following directly to OISP:

    • Photocopy or scan of passport ID page
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Fall 2015 or Spring 2016: $22,660

Includes: Northeastern University (NU) tuition for 16 NU credits ($22,310), and International Security and Emergency Support ($350). Please note that this program requires students to take five courses. Should students choose to transfer back the fifth course, the student will be liable for an additional 4 credit overload fee ($TBD). Students are responsible for all other expenses, including housing and other non-academic costs for which they will be billed directly by the program provider or host institution. Students are also responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights.


Alliance programs emphasize cultural immersion, experiential learning opportunities, and extensive interaction with students and faculty in the host context. Your housing arrangements at Manipal are thus an important component of your experience abroad, and we want you to be able to make the most of this opportunity.

Alliance students at Manipal are housed in air-conditioned rooms in student hostels on campus. Students may choose to live in single rooms or in double rooms with an Indian roommate. All rooms include attached, private bathrooms. Please note that the hostels at Manipal University impose a curfew on student residents, a common practice at colleges and universities across India. Curfews may vary depending on the hostel, but often range from 10 pm to midnight. Students should be aware that curfews may also change at any time without prior notice.

All meals are included and provided in the campus canteens. Additional multi-cuisine restaurants in the two university food courts and off-campus are readily available at the student’s expense. There are several coffee shops on and nearby to the campus as well.


Manipal is a small university town located in southwest Karnataka, five miles from the Arabian Sea. Surrounded by lush backwaters and away from the hustle and bustle of India’s megacities, Manipal provides an ideal rural, tropical location for studying India’s public health challenges and rich cultural heritage. Four hours south of Goa, and only a few miles from neighboring Udupi, Manipal offers stunning views of the sea and nearby Western Ghats. Alliance students will explore local health clinics and academic centers dedicated to Ayurveda and the study of traditional Indian medicine, as well as Karnataka’s thriving local economies, including the tea and coffee trade, cashew, fishing and silk industries, and burgeoning IT and business sectors in Bangalore.