Information for Parents

If your student is considering the opportunity to study abroad during his or her time at Northeastern University, you may be anxious about them traveling far away from home. The information below will help you feel more confident about your student's decision to spend a summer, semester, or even a whole year abroad.

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your student to gain lifelong learning experiences. There are many great reasons to study abroad: becoming fluent in a foreign language, expanding your worldview, learning about a country or culture firsthand or building your résumé.  Studying abroad can be a life-changing transformational experience for a student.


The Global Experience Office (GEO) offers many different resources to guide your student through the entire study abroad experience. This website is a great place to start learning about all the programs that Northeastern University has to offer. Your student may also learn more about study abroad by stopping by GEO to meet with an advisor, going to a scheduled information session or attending one of our study abroad fairs. For more information on upcoming events, please visit

Safety Concerns

All study abroad locations have been vetted by GEO.  Staff members conduct site visits periodically to explore campuses abroad and ensure that the facilities and housing arrangements will be comfortable and safe for Northeastern students.

Students are not permitted to study abroad in countries where the U.S.  Department of State has issued a Travel Warning. If a Travel Warning is issued for a country where your student is currently located, the Study Abroad Office will remove them from the program immediately. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis if a student petitions the University’s Risk Assessment Committee.  For more information on Travel Warnings you may consult the U.S. Department of State’s website:

Students are also encouraged to read the FBI's The Key to U.S. Student Safety Overseas and view the FBI's most recent short film, Game of Pawns, regarding student safety and security issues while abroad.

All students are covered by AON WorldAware, a 24-hour, worldwide emergency medical and security evacuation service.  While it does not replace health insurance, AON WorldAware can provide students with emergency medical care or get them to a medical facility.   If students are in a dangerous location AON WorldAware can evacuate them. AON WorldAware can also help students with Pre-Departure Country Information, Safety, Security, and Vaccinations Information, Lost Passport/Travel Documents, Lost/Stolen Luggage, Hospital Referrals, and Emergency Cash Transfers.

Financial Issues

The costs of individual programs are listed on our website. All financial aid can be applied to semester and summer study abroad programs.  In addition there are several scholarships for which student may apply. Advisors in the Global Experience Office can assist students with their scholarship applications.

Keeping In Contact

With the many advances in technology, a little planning goes a long way in being involved with your student's adventures abroad. The following are some suggestions to help this process:

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