Programs by Major: Music + Dialogue of Civilizations

South Korea: K-Pop and Music Business – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Seoul, Korea

Faculty Leader: Won-Hee An (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Liz McClanahan (


  • MUSC2319 -  K-Pop and Music Business
  • CLTR4944 -  Korean Culture, NU Core humanities level 1

Description: The Korean Dialogue program consists of two courses: (1) “K-POP and Music Business and, (2) Korean Culture. The first course will focus on Korean pop music and the rapid development of its music business from 1970 to present.  Classes during the day will include discussions on the history of Korean pop music, major K-POP artists, and the effect of K-Pop in the music business.  Site visits later in the day will provide context for these works.  The course related excursions will include visits to the recording studios, going to K-POP concerts, and TV stations. The second course, Korean Culture will provide a through examination of the Korean culture - major historical events, comparison between the traditional and the modern way of lives, the growth of the economy, etc. This course will be supplemented by course related excursions such as visit to the DMZ, Bukchon Housing area, National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, etc.