Programs by Major: Mathematics + Traditional

ADELAIDE: Flinders University

Traditional | Adelaide, Australia

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Study Abroad opportunities allow you to live in a new city, enhance your career prospects, provide the opportunity for personal development, experience a different culture and meet new people without interrupting your studies or your career path.

You can spend a semester or a whole year at Flinders University and earn credit towards a degree in your own country. You can start your studies in either the first semester (March to June) or second semester (July to November), although if you are intending to come for a full year we suggest you start in semester one to give yourself a great choice of topics.



BUDAPEST: Aquincum Institute of Technology

Traditional | Budapest, Hungary

Study Abroad Coordinator: Liz McClanahan (

Fostering student creativity has been a hallmark of mathematics and science education in Hungary for over a century; John von Neumann, to whom we owe the principles of stored-program digital computers, Andy Grove, longtime leader of Intel, and Charles Simonyi, father of Microsoft Office, all got their start in the schools of Budapest. American students now have the opportunity to experience this tradition through a study-abroad program offered by the Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT), Budapest. AIT offers a unique English language study abroad experience for U.S. computer science and computer engineering majors. The program is built on four pillars:

An array of theoretical and practical computer science and engineering courses taught by international leaders in these fields
Novel courses on design and entrepreneurship in a global environment taught by European pioneers such as Dr. Ern