Programs by Major: English + Dialogue of Civilizations

Cornwall and England — Literature and Place: Arthurian Legend and the Ecology of Cornwall

Dialogue of Civilizations | , England

Faculty: Kathleen Kelly ( and Cecelia Musselman (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Emily Ferraro (

Term: Summer I


  • ENGL 3151 Topics in Early Literatures Abroad
  • ENGW 3315 Interdisciplinary AWD


Students take a literature course and an Advanced Writing in the Disciplines course that are designed to be complementary by focusing on place, space, and landscape and on how language and culture constructs our relations (humanist and scientific, via literature and first-hand experience) with the environment and its non-human inhabitants. We will first visit Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and Tintagel, and stay for about two weeks in the coastal town of St. Ives, Cornwall, and then on to the small university town of Exeter and to London.

Combined, ENGL 3605 (Medieval Romance) and ENGW 3315 (Interdisciplinary AWD) invite students to explore how literature and place shape each other, and how places and ecosystems change over time, mainly due to Anthropogenic interventions. Instead of following the model of one course taught by an NU faculty member and the other “culture” course offered by an in-country specialist, we will weave local guest lecturers and tour guides into both courses: a tour of the ruins of Tintagel Castle, for example, gives students the opportunity to learn about one of the most important Arthurian sites in England and to study the process of legend-making as it is tied to place, and also offers a glimpse into how a centuries-old human-built structure has altered the ecosystem in which it is sited.



ISRAEL: Contemporary Israel and its Complexities – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Tel Aviv, Israel

Faculty Leader: Lori Lefkovitz (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Emily Ferraro (

Term: Summer II

Website: Read more about the program and past student experiences here


  • ENGL 2610    Contemporary Israeli Literature and Art Abroad(will also meet Jewish Studies, Mideast Studies, or English elective requirements)
  • POLS 4937 : Israel: Society, Culture, and Politics(note:  prerequisite POL 1155 has been waived for this course when taken abroad; will also meet Jewish Studies, Mideast Studies, International Affairs)


Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the modern State of Israel, this Dialogue will explore the complexities of Israeli society, politics, and culture and how they are presented in journalism, art, and literature.  What are the key narratives and characteristics of Israeli society?   How do journalists and creative artists shape our perceptions of Israel’s complex reality?  How do various Israeli authors and artists grapple with such issues as diversity within the population, the conflicts between Israel and her neighbors and between Israelis and Palestinians, and how does Israel negotiate its Jewish identity with liberal democratic values?  Students will learn about Israel’s political system and political history, and they will read memoirs and fiction, visit museums on docent-led tours, and meet with leaders, journalists, artists, and academic experts.  Special focus will be on the city of Jerusalem, our host city, a multicultural center of three religions and multiple ethnic groups, but we will also travel to and study these issues as they are reflected in the South, Tel Aviv, and the North of Israel.