Programs by Major: Chemical Engineering

BELFAST: Queen’s University Belfast

Traditional | Belfast, Northern Ireland

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

When you come to Queen's you'll be getting involved in one of the most exciting universities in the UK - as well as one of the biggest. With 23,000 students and 3,500 staff, the University is the size of a small town and supports a rich and diverse community. This means that the student experience encompasses much more than studying. You will discover many social, cultural, and sporting activities to integrate with the academic aspects of student life. NU study abroad students attend classes with British, Irish, and international students.

China: Beihang/Northeastern Hyperspectral Imaging- Pending Approval

Dialogue of Civilizations | Beijing, China

Faculty Leader: Charles DiMarzio (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Liz McClanahan (

NOTE: This program is still waiting approval.  By showing up on the website, it does not guarantee that the program will be approved.  If you would like to receive a notification if and when it is approved, please complete the Inquiry Form

Information Sessions: TBA

Term: Summer I


  •  Chinese Culture, XXXX


In recent years many engineering and science students have developed an interest in applying their engineering skills to diverse problems in biology, health, environment and remote sensing. At Northeastern, increasing numbers of students are working in imaging, through courses, research projects, and cooperative education assignments. Students wishing to work in this discipline in the future require not only strong technical skills (which transcend national borders), but a knowledge of the financial, political, cultural, and social issues that vary from one country to another. The theme of this program is international research and development in the US and China. This program is designed for students with an interest in optics or signal processing, or both. The program has three main components: (1) Prof. Charles A. DiMarzio at NU and Prof. Jihao Yin at Beihang University (BUAA), will offer a rigorous 4–semester–hour “technical elective” course in Hyperspectral Imaging to students from both NU and BUAA. (2) The program will also offer a 4SH course Chinese Culture. In this course we will explore such topics as the Cross-straits tug of war for Formosa, history of the country, occupation by other countries, the growth of technology and the urbanization of China up to 2015. (3) The program will include excursions around Beijing and neighboring areas to provide an experience of living and traveling abroad, along with a brief exposure to the language, calligraphy, and customs of the country. Prof. DiMarzio conducts research in biomedical optics with a group of graduate and undergraduate students and faculty collaborators in ECE and MIE. He has worked 14 years in industry prior to his career at Northeastern, and is strongly committed to introducing undergraduates to both academic and industrial research and development. Prof. Yin’s research and teaching interests include image processing and computer vision. He earned his Ph.D. at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2007. He received support from the Ph.D. Programs Fund of the Ministry of Education of China. He is the recipient of numerous other awards including most recently, from the State Scholarship Fund to Pursue Study in US by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), in 2011, to support his research in the United States.

CHRISTCHURCH: University of Canterbury

Traditional | Christchurch, New Zealand

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

This program, on the south island of New Zealand, allows students to live and study in one of the most scenic and picturesque regions of the world. Students spend either the summer/fall or the spring/summer terms at the University of Canterbury. There are a limited number of courses offered in a variety of disciplines, for example: Anthropology, Geology, Sociology, English, Political Science, History, Computer Science, and Psychology. Students will also have access to all campus resources, including e-mail, campus activities, library facilities, and sports clubs.

Contact a Study Abroad Ambassador or alum of this program for more information!
- Elizabeth Dovenberg, Canterbury Full Year 2012-2013;


DUBLIN: University College Dublin

Traditional | Dublin, Ireland

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

Ireland's economy has been growing at a rate above European Union (EU) levels, making it an increasingly popular location for investment. Over 1,200 companies from all over the world have chosen Ireland as their base to do business both locally and on a global scale. Over the last two decades, Ireland has welcomed investment from a wide range of business sectors, including electronics and engineering, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, computer software, financial services and a range of internationally traded services. Dublin has been at the center of Ireland's phenomenal economic growth, making it an excellent place to study business.

Contact a Study Abroad Ambassador or alum of this program for more information!
- Megan Marina, UCD Spring 2013;

EDINBURGH: University of Edinburgh

Traditional | Edinburgh, Scotland

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

The University of Edinburgh offers students the opportunity to study in one of Europe's most charming capital cities. Its dramatic site and cultural vigor helps Edinburgh regularly top the polls as Britain's best place to live. Students will attend regular University courses with Scottish and visiting international students.

Global Engineering Education Exchange (various locations) – LAST SEMESTER SPRING 2015

Departmental Exchange, Traditional | Leeds, GE3

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

* Last semester offered: Spring 2015

The Global Engineering Exchange is a consortium of member institutions promoted to facilitate study abroad for engineering students. This program is administered by the Institute of International Education, which is the administrator of the Fulbright Program and the government.

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Istanbul: Istanbul Technical University

Traditional | Istanbul, Turkey

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

LONDON: Queen Mary, University of London

Traditional | London, England

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

Queen Mary is one of the largest College's of the internationally renowned University of London. The Study Abroad programme is a fully integrated experience allowing you to live and learn with students from the UK and from many other countries around the world. Queen Mary is based on an urban campus in London's East End - close to the centre of the city - and is served by two underground stops giving easy access to all of London’s attractions. A modular course system allows visiting students to create a schedule combining courses from the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law and Science and Engineering.

Contact a Study Abroad Ambassador or alum of this program for more information!
- Jessica Rehkopf, Queen Mary Spring 2013;

MELBOURNE: Monash University

Traditional | Melbourne, Australia

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

This program offers students an opportunity to live and study in Boston's sister city of Melbourne. Students may spend either the summer/fall or spring/summer terms at Monash University, located approximately 1 hour from downtown Melbourne. Courses are offered in a variety of Arts & Sciences disciplines, and the library and computer centers contain some of the newest technology available. Students may also take advantage of the numerous campus activities such as sports and social clubs, professional theater, and the city life in downtown Melbourne.

SINGAPORE: Nanyang Technological University

Traditional | Singapore, Singapore

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

SYDNEY: University of Sydney

Traditional | Sydney, Australia

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

This program allows students to live and study in one of the most multicultural and dynamic regions of the world. Students spend either the summer/fall or the spring/summer terms at the University of Sydney, the oldest university in Australia. The courses are offered mostly in the Arts & Sciences with a variety of disciplines from which to choose. Students are encouraged to take courses with an Australian and Southeast Asian focus, and will have access to all campus resources, including e-mail, campus activities, library facilities, and sports clubs. Optional trips are offered through the International Student Services Unit (ISSU) to Canberra, the Blue Mountains, and other exotic regions.

Contact a Study Abroad Ambassador or alum of this program for more information!
- Ana Tarbetsky, Sydney Fall 2013;