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Students must complete the following steps in order to transfer study abroad credits back to Northeastern University.  All students must meet with their academic advisor to ensure that the courses they plan to take abroad will correctly fulfill their degree requirements.  Please note that different majors have different policies regarding which courses can and cannot be taken abroad.

Step 1: Confirm that the courses you are enrolling in abroad have been evaluated by NU. To do this, select your host institution or provider from the drop-down menu (below) and see if your course has been evaluated. Note: courses listed on the drop down are not guaranteed to be offered during your desired term abroad. You must view the appropriate course catalogue from your host institution to see which courses are being offered during a specific semester.

Step 2: If any of the courses you intend to take abroad are not in the database, the course must be submitted to GEO for evaluation.

Step 3: Email the following information to

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for a faculty evaluation. Courses will appear in the drop-down menu automatically. It is your responsibility to frequently reference the drop-down menu to determine if the courses have been evaluated.

**You do not need to send your desired NU equivalent for each course.  Faculty members will evaluate the courses based on the content of the course and make the appropriate evaluations.

MAJOR/MINOR/CORE REQUIREMENTS: Once your study abroad course equivalents have been determined, any attempt to satisfy major requirements with courses that are not equivalent to required courses must be approved by your major department.  Please bring a course description to assist them with this matter so that they can determine how the course should be applied to your degree audit. Students looking to satisfy a NU Core category must have an exact equivalent to a course in the Core list, as exceptions to the NU Core are not permitted. You will need to meet with your Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor to assist with your selection.

PASS/FAIL POLICY: All of the courses you take abroad will transfer back with a letter grade and be factored into your GPA.  Students may designate one course (that is equivalent to one 4 credit NEU course) pass/fail per semester if their host institution allows for the course to be taken for pass/fail credit. If you choose to take a course pass/fail, you must email with the course name and number within two weeks of your course start date. Students will not be allowed to change a course to pass/fail once this date has passed. Please note that no major, minor, or core classes can be taken as pass/fail. Additionally, Northeastern University students are not allowed to take business nor engineering courses for pass/fail credit.  All business and engineering courses taken abroad must be taken for a letter grade regardless of the student’s major at Northeastern University.

INTERNSHIPS: If you are participating in an internship abroad, you must receive credit approval before your departure. Without faculty advisor approval, you will not receive credit for the internship abroad. Complete the internship form and return it with signatures to 403 Richards Hall. Please note credit will not be awarded for Business and/or Engineering internships taken abroad. The internship form can be found under ABOUT US -> FORMS, on the GEO website.

DUPLICATE COURSES: CAUTION! Make sure that the listed NU Equivalent is not the same as a course that you have taken at Northeastern, as you cannot be awarded duplicate credit for a class taken twice.

ADD/DROP CONCERNS: If you must drop/add courses while abroad, do not register for courses that have similar descriptions to ones you have already taken at Northeastern, as you will not receive duplicate credit. Again, ensure the course taken abroad has been evaluated and has  an NU equivalent in the database. If you end up taking a course that has an equivalent that you have already taken, notify us to assist in correcting your record.

TRANSCRIPTS: Once GEO receives your final transcript from your host institution, we will send your grades to the Registrar using the NU Equivalents from the database or ones that have been previously cleared by GEO.


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