Programs by Country: Zambia + Dialogue of Civilizations

Lusaka: Driving Social Change: The Role of Nonprofits and Change Makers in Zambia – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Lusaka, Zambia

Faculty Leader: Lori Gardinier (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Liz McClanahan (

Term: Summer II


  • HSUV 4945 Leadership & International Program Development
  • HSUV 4866 Intercultural Studies through Human Services


This program introduces students to social change theories and social organizations in Lusaka, Zambia.  Attention is given to the political and economic forces that influence non-government organizational development, behavior and operations.  Students will analyze and compare popular preventative and reactive interventions for change including public health approaches, the use of aid, micro-lending and other sustainable development efforts.   Particular attention will be giving to issues of addiction and recovery, HIV and inadequate employment opportunities and their impact on community development.   Using lectures, presentations, case studies and service-learning this program will expose student to the theoretical and philosophical frameworks used to understand social development.  Students will also develop and apply skills, practices and techniques for program development and implementation in the nonprofit sector.  This experiential program focuses on program evaluation techniques, ethics in international volunteerism/foreign nonprofit interventions, globalization and its influence on the nonprofit sector.  Students will also consider how culture, program maturity, and management style influence organizational behaviors.  Through service-learning, team developed capacity building projects, and structured reflections students will consider the role of the third sector and other social change models in Zambia.