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TAIWAN: Biomedical Optics in Taipei – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | taipei, taiwan

Faculty Leader: Charles DiMarzio (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katie Rabbitt Burke (

Information Session: Wednesday, 4 December, from 6:00 to 7:00PM in 352 Egan

Term: Summer 2


  • INTL4944 Dialogue of Civilizations - Regional Engagement: Chinese Culture in Taiwan
  • EECE4648 Biomedical Optics in an International Context


In recent years many engineering and science students have developed an interest in applying their engineering skills to biomedical problems. At Northeastern, increasing numbers of students are working in biomedical optics, through courses, research projects, and cooperative education assignments. Students wishing to work in this discipline in the future require not only strong technical skills (which transcend national borders), but a knowledge of the financial, political, cultural, and social issues that vary from one country to another. The theme of this program is international biomedical research and development in the US and Taiwan.

This program is designed for students with an interest in optics or biomedical instrumentation, or both. The program has three main components: (1) Prof. Charles A. DiMarzio at NU and Prof. Snow Tseng at National Taiwan University (NTU), will offer a rigorous 4–semester–hour “technical elective” course in biomedical optics to students from both NU and NTU. (2) The program will also offer a 4SH social–science course, Chinese Cultures in Taiwan. In this course we will explore such topics as the Cross-straits tug of war for Formosa, the diverse cultures of the Taiwanese people, history of the island, occupation by other countries, modern times (1945–present) and Taiwan in 2014. (3) The program will include excursions around Taipei and neighboring areas to provide an experience of living and traveling abroad, along with a brief exposure to the language, calligraphy, and customs of the country.