Programs by Country: Serbia

BALKANS: Conflict Resolution, Nationalism(s), & the Question of Europe *CLOSED*

Dialogue of Civilizations | Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty co-leaders: Profs. Denis Sullivan and Will Lovely ( and

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

Term: Summer II


  • POLS 4938: International Politics Abroad
  • INTL 4944: Dialogue of Civilizations: Regional Engagement


The Balkans Dialogue investigates conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.  We look at American efforts to end the bloody conflict in Bosnia (through the Dayton Accords) in 1995. Four years later, NATO and the US were also militarily involved in the Kosovo conflict, bombing Belgrade and other parts of Serbia.  The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the history, culture, politics, and society of the former Yugoslavia.  NU students will meet with Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian community activists, students, scholars, and political leaders; journalists; U.S. embassy staff; E.U., U.N., and NATO representatives; plus various NGOs and civil society groups.  E.U. accession is a major question for Serbia as well as Bosnia.  We will study:

  • Balkans history, politics, and society
  • Conflicts, wars, and resolutions: Dayton Accords and more
  • Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Bosnia
  • Serbia after Milosevic
  • Bosnian-U.S. relations; Serbian-U.S. relations
  • NATO and the EU – external players inside the Balkans
  • Grass-roots organizing, NGOs, and civil society