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Russia and Ukraine: Russian Language and Culture – A Tale of Three Cities – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Moscow, Russia

Faculty Leader:
Ekaterina (Katya) Burvikova (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katie Rabbitt Burke (

Information Sessions: 

October 30th   at 6 pm in 220 Ryder
October 31st  at 5.50 pm in 220 Ryder
November 6th at 5.50 pm in 220 Ryder


Term: Summer II


  • RSNN 1301/1302/2301/2302/3301/3302 Russian Language Immersion (multiple levels)
  • CLTR4944 Cultural Engagement Abroad

Program Description:

The program will be an ambitious journey into the heart and soul of Russian culture, by exploring the history, culture and streets of three of Eastern Europe’s most historic and interesting cities: Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev.

The program will begin in Moscow with an exploration of the most significant city in modern Russia. Academic classes will begin as an overview of the program with lessons in History, Culture, and Language. Meanwhile, daily trips around the city will bring these lessons to life.

In the second week the students will visit St Petersburg, the historic capital of the Russian Empire, and cultural capital of Russia. The home of the Russian Revolution, The Hermitage (the Tsar’s Palace which is now the home to one of the world’s greatest museums) and experience the legendary white nights on the shores of the historic Neva river.

Then the students will return to Moscow for more academic classes and trips to historic site in the surrounding areas. The program will end with a trip to Kiev, Ukraine, the historic home of the Kievan Rus and the beginning of Russian civilization in the 9th century.  Here, we will explore ancient Russian civilization as well as the modern capital of the newly independent Ukraine, a former Soviet Republic.

The theme of the program is dialogue, not just in language but the dialogue between history and geography, culture and tradition, as well as your own experiences and your experiences in Russia.

In just 35 days the students will experience a whirlwind exploration of the Russian Empire, Soviet Union and modern Eastern Europe through hands on study and exploration of these three historic capitals of Russian civilization.

Students will receive some pre-departure online tasks like readings (including reflections in a diary/blog), during the in-country stay they will have daily field-trip to get familiar with Russian culture and life. Each field trip will be followed by a discussion to find essential traits of Russian culture.  As the final task students will be asked to create a presentation on a topic of their interest.


Traditional | St. Petersburg, Russia

Study Abroad Coordinator: Liz McClanahan (

Students can study in Russia for a semester or summer term.  Study abroad in Russia and you will:

  • Begin your Russian language studies in spectacular St. Petersburg, where the entire downtown is a protected UNESCO heritage site
  • Gain insight into Russian history, politics, business, and culture through courses taught in English
  • Enjoy a rich cultural program including local and regional excursions to museums, historical sites, and theaters, and interaction with locals

The Russian Area Studies Semester Program is for students who are interested in an academic program in Russia with an English component. The program offers a set of courses, taught in English, on Russian history, culture, and civilization as well as a rigorous language program.designed for students who have an interest in Russia. The program can accommodate different levels of language proficiency, especially beginning and intermediate Russian language students. Students can improve their Russian language proficiency with intensive training; live in the 300-year old St. Petersburg and experience the relationship between traditional and modern elements influencing Russian society; participate in optional volunteer projects organized through a well-developed network of contacts that facilitate integration into Russian society; and experience a rich cultural program including local and regional excursions, visits to museums and historical sites, and interaction with locals.

The Russian Area Studies Summer Program  includes six weeks of study at the School of Political Science of St. Petersburg State University. The curriculum includes courses in Russian culture, business, politics, art and architecture, and Russian language. During the program, students visit places of historical and cultural significance in and around St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Valaam.

Take part in the Sobesedniki program and you’ll be paired with local students for a variety of language and cultural exchange activities. This partner program provides you with additional language support, while giving you insight into the lifestyles of your Russian peers.

You may also take advantage of a range of volunteer projects in St. Petersburg. You'll have the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in English language classes at St. Petersburg State University and private language schools. Although volunteer opportunities may change from semester to semester, it is generally possible for you to volunteer at the Hermitage, International Red Cross, and Salvation Army.