Programs by Country: Kenya + Dialogue of Civilizations

Kenya: Interdisciplinary Program on Public Health, Politics, Culture and Swahili – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Nairobi, Kenya

Faculty Leader: Prof. Richard Wamai (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Emily Ferraro (

Term: Summer I


  • AFRS2900 Politics, Culture and Swahili in Kenya
  • AFRS4939 Community Health and Development in Kenya

Description:The Kenya Dialogue is a rigorous and highly interactive experience immersing students into local urban and rural communities in various parts of the country through extensive field visits, stays, sharing and continuous exposure in the course of the program. The Dialogue provides students an unparalleled opportunity to engage in and learn about the major health, socio-economic, cultural, and political issues that characterize the every-day life of the people and communities of Kenya. The program engages local guest speakers and institutional visits that are key actors in their fields in health, politics and culture. Students develop participatory skills in community and problem-based models through these interactions, language instructions, individual research and experiential learning.

For more information: Contact Prof. Wamai,, Tel. 617-373-4130