Programs by Country: Ireland + Dialogue of Civilizations

England and Ireland: Global Wellness and Mindfulness Studies – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | London, Ireland

Faculty Leader: Jane McCool (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Emily Ferraro (

Term: Summer I


  • NRSG1206 Global Wellness
  • NRSG2206 Global Perspectives in Mindfulness


The lands and cultures of England and Ireland will serve to inspire this Dialogue in Wellness and Mindful Living. This special environment will offer a unique living and learning opportunity that is designed to develop and nurture human wellbeing through authentic presence with the self and in the world.

This program offers 2 courses: NRSG1206 Global Wellness and NRSG 2206 Global Perspectives in Mindfulness; these courses will synergistically offer a holistic immersion in the fields of study. Reflective Experiential Learning and Contemplative Inquiry will inform the program design in an effort to create a learning space for personal introspection and growth. Through conversation and focused study and practice with peers, leaders, and scholars in these intersecting fields, students will explore a whole person model of health and wellness that will incorporate multiple worldviews, thereby learning to challenge and change many attitudes about sustainable human health and global wellbeing.

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IRELAND: Irish Society, Literature and Film – CLOSED

Dialogue of Civilizations | Dublin, Ireland

Faculty Leader: Patrick Mullen (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Term: Summer I


  • ENGL3487: Film and Text Abroad: Irish Cinema
  • ENGL2600: Irish Literary Culture Abroad


In this program students will be introduced to modern Irish culture and society through its vibrant traditions of literature and film.  Students will focus on the exploration of Irish novels, short stories, and films using these as gateways to explore the island’s history, politics, monuments, architecture, landscapes, music, food, and folk culture.  Literature has long held a uniquely important place in Ireland, so students will have the opportunity to read Irish greats such as Wilde, Yeats, and Joyce, and modern prize-winners such as Seamus Heaney, Roddy Doyle, Anne Enright, and Colm Toibín.  Students will learn techniques of literary analysis and discover how literature situates itself in the rich life of the island.  Irish film production took off in the 1990s, but the explosion that brought the world powerful films such as In the Name of the Father and The Magdalene Laundries grew out of a long relationship between Ireland and cinema.  Students will be invited to explore this cinematic history as well as contemporary film production both experimental and mainstream.

IRELAND: Studio Art or Art Minor, History and Culture in Ireland (Summer 2 deadline – March 1)

Dialogue of Civilizations | Ballyvaughn, Ireland

Deadline extended for Summer 2 - applications due March 1, 2015

Faculty Leader: Mira Cantor (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Information Session: January 28th, 5-6pm, 403 Ryder Hall


  • Summer 1 Art Studio: Painting and Drawing in Ireland
  • Summer 2 Art Studio, Culture, and History in Ireland

*Students who participate in both summer terms will fulfill four required courses for the Art Minor!  See below for more information.

*See below for how courses fulfill Art Minor requirements

Summer 1:

  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Observational Drawing
  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Painting Basics in Ireland

Summer 2:

  • ARTE2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio - Art Studio in Ireland
  • ARTE2501 Art and Design Abroad: History - Art, History and Culture in Ireland


All students have their own studios.

The Art Minor in Ireland is a new program designed to allow students to complete four courses toward the Art Minor in the months of June and July for 16 credits. It also gives other students who have an interest in art the opportunity to make work for 8 credits in Summer 1 or 2.  Summer 1 is focused on the basics of painting and drawing. Summer 2 is an intermediate program focused on individual projects and self -direction in any media. (See below for more information)

These are team taught courses that will enable art students to work on their strengths. Students will experience cultural and physical differences in landscape and people which will inspire their imaginations and help interpret their experiences in a unique way. We are located at the Burren College of Art on the western coast of Ireland in a town of 400 people. All students have their own studios that are open 24/7.  A journal is required as well as some readings.

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