Programs by Country: India + Traditional


Traditional | Hyderabad, India

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

The program is designed for students with a desire to understand the complexities and paradoxes of the world's largest democracy. Students have the opportunity to explore India's cultural and religious diversity while experiencing the impact of modernity upon tradition. This program is also ideal for a student who would like to do a service project, participate in volunteer work or undertake an internship.

MANIPAL: Alliance for Global Education

Traditional | Manipal, India

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Public Health and Indian Studies at Manipal University

The Public Health and Indian Studies program at Manipal University offers two tracks that introduce U.S. undergraduates to the most pressing public health issues facing Indian today and a multi-disciplinary array of courses focused on Indian society, philosophy, media, foreign policy, politics, and communications. Located in the heart of the coastal belt of Karnataka, just north of Kerala, and based at one of India’s premier private universities, this dynamic program offers U.S. students an integrated Indian campus experience and the unique opportunity to live and take courses alongside Indian students.

Through coursework, public health students visit local health clinics and academic centers dedicated to the study of traditional Indian medicine, while students focused on Indian Studies explore India’s traditional culture and rise on the world stage. All Alliance students are given a comprehensive overview of Indian society and politics through the Contemporary Indian Society core course. Field activities integrated with the core course offer students exposure to the regional complexity of Karnataka, its thriving local religions and economies, and burgeoning IT and business sectors in Bangalore and Mysore.


Traditional | Mumbai, India

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Students interested in IITB, must be nominated by OISP and will register and be accepted into a parent Department at IITB, which would depend upon his / her Department at the home university. All programs in Engineering, Science faculties, School of Management & Design School are open to NU students. They are allowed to take courses from Departments other than the parent Department also.

PUNE: Alliance for Global Education

Traditional | pune, India

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

Development, Environment and Public Health in Contemporary India

The Contemporary India program in Pune introduces U.S. undergraduates to some of the most dynamic, exciting areas of Indian society, politics, economics, and culture today. Environmental issues, development, social justice, economics and public health, in particular, are key areas in which India both faces unprecedented challenges and is on the global cutting edge of finding solutions.

VARANASI: Alliance for Global Education

Traditional | Varanasi, India

Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (

The Varanasi program allows students to examine the intersections between religious life, urban studies, and the environment in contemporary India. Though it is a challenging destination for U.S. undergraduates, Varanasi is a city that has stimulated scholarship on South Asia for hundreds of years. It offers boundless, rich opportunities for research, academic study, intercultural experience, and personal reflection. The program provides a structured, balanced blend of classroom and field-based learning, including a required language course and an individualized ‘culture in practice’ component.