Programs by Country: England + Dialogue of Civilizations

LONDON: England, Embodied Creativity: Applied Theatre Training for the Global Entrepreneur “CLOSED”

Dialogue of Civilizations | London, England

Faculty Leader: Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (
Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (
Information Session: October 28, 2013, 372 Ryder Hall 6:00-7:00PM
Term: Summer I
  • THTR 1135 Actors and Acting
  • THTR 1165 The Professional Voice

The two courses both satisfy Arts & Humanities Core Level 1. Please confer with your academic advisor to make sure the courses fit into your program of study.


A creative way to enhance your education at Northeastern, this Dialogue will give you specific practical tools to explore the way that you communicate, collaborate and create with others. Using theatre games, improvisation, ensemble building, voice & speech relaxation and concentration techniques, you will gain self-confidence, self-awareness and a passion for persuasive and articulate communication of your thoughts and ideas which will benefit you as a professional in the 21st century.


London: English Culture and Documentary Filmmaking *CLOSED*

Dialogue of Civilizations | London, England

Dialogue Leader: Professor Michelle Carr (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

Information Session: Wednesday, October 30, 2013, 6:00 - 7:30 in 206 Lake Hall

Term: Summer I


  • COMM 3306 – International Communication Abroad
  • INTL 4944 – Dialogue of Civilization – Globalization and Social Sciences


The London Dialogue of civilization has two main focuses for students. First, to familiarize students with the people and the culture of England and the British Empire, with an emphasis on the city of London and its vast history.  Second, to interact with local citizens to produce and edit a 10-12 minute documentary on a subject of their choice (which will be proposed in the Spring of 2014).

Students will attend lectures about the culture and history of England in many of the key sights in London and the country. These sites include: The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, Museum of London, Victoria and Albert Museum, HMS Belfast, Imperial War Museum (London and Duxford), and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We will also visit Edinburgh, Scotland to discover the close connection between the two cities visiting Edinburgh Castle, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

During the dialogue, students will maintain a blog documenting their learning experience, and they will also write extensive reaction papers on two topics associated with the lectures or places from our travels. They will also work in groups to produce a documentary, which will include: location scouting, proposal writing, script writing, filming, and editing.

Experience in media production is not a requirement but students must have enthusiasm to explore another culture and to experience first hand how theory can provide a deeper, more complex understanding of British culture and history.