Programs by Country: Cameroon + Dialogue of Civilizations

CAMEROON: Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship “CLOSED”

Dialogue of Civilizations | Bali, Cameroon

Faculty Leaders: Richard Harris ( and William Tita (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Emily Ferraro (

Information Session: 

Date:  Tuesday, 1/28

Time:  6-7pm

Location:  15 Snell Library

Term: Summer I


  • GE1202 Engineering Innovation and Discovery Abroad
  • INTL4944 Dialogue of Civilizations - Regional Engagement: Social Sciences Business & the Modern African Economy


a.           What is the Dialogue of Innovation?:  Identifying problems, societal needs, and developing engineering innovation solutions, through student engagement, between Cameroon Christian University and Northeastern University.

b.         This program will seek to help students develop and/or implement field projects that will focus on local, national and international opportunities that promote advances in science and technology which may improve the quality of life in unique communities.  This effort will provide students with the opportunity to innovate and develop problem-solving ideas in an effort to make a positive difference through an entrepreneurial spirit.  The ‘Dialogue of Innovation’ will be implemented using the Jola Venture, Inc. “model” for:  (1) social innovation (making a positive difference in the world), (2) technological innovation (engineering problem-solving solutions) and (3) entrepreneurship (business development) to address these societal needs.  The classroom seminar and experiential activity will enable students to engage in both a theoretical analysis and practical examination of the field of engineering and technology in helping to address the question of alleviating extreme technological under-development in developing countries.

c.         Engaging with the Local Community:  Students will reside in Bali, near the  Cameroon Christian University campus and be part of the community.  Students will visit different sites to conduct field work in both area villages and cities.  Students will identify societal needs based on field work experience.  Students will participate on local excursions to expose them to different areas to understand both the challenges and the opportunities for innovation.

d.         Dr. Tita will work with the College of Engineering to provide the overall leadership for this project as an expert in economics and social policy in Africa, given his educational, entrepreneurial and UNDP background, as a member of NU entrepreneurship faculty as well as his longstanding leadership in support of economic development in Cameroon and its various villages, notably, Bali and Mbengwi.  In Cameroon, the excellence of the Cameroon Christian University (CCU) as an academic institution and the outstanding reputation of Professor Emmanuel N. Chia, its leader and, respectively, the department chairs and faculty of the engineering and management departments, for their work as academics in the study of poverty and strategies for poverty alleviation in Africa argue well for the selection of Cameroon as a destination of choice for the implementation of the Dialogue of Innovation concept.