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Salzburg College European Studies/Music Program – Summer Session 1

Traditional | Salzburg, Austria

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

The Summer Session at Salzburg College offers an introduction to various aspects of the Austrian and European culture.

Salzburg: Classical Music and Cultural Business *CLOSED*

Dialogue of Civilizations | Salzburg, Austria

Faculty leader: Professor Won-Hee An (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

Information Session: 

January 22nd 5:30-6:30
Ryder Hall room #354

Term: Summer 1

Courses: MUSC 2137 Viennese School

BUSN 1990  Salzburg College course, "Cultural Business and Marketing"


This program consists of two courses.  One is a music course (MUSC2137), “Viennese School I” and the second course (BUSN1990) is Salzburg College's  “Cultural Business and Marketing”.  The first course will focus on music from the mid 18th century to the mid 19th century, specifically the music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.  Classes during the day will focus on specific genres as well as specific works by major central European composers.  Site visits later in the day will provide context for these works.

The second course is designed to give the students a survey of the cultural industry, visualizing its functions and proceedings with first-hand accounts of professionals in one of the top “music cities” worldwide. It also aims at providing a more advanced and active view of the major areas of cultural marketing that all artists and managers have to understand to create an effective (worldwide) marketing strategy. Salzburg offers the backdrop to an insight into career possibilities in the performing arts and music industry, laying a particular focus on the specifics of the business side of the industry. Students will get in touch with local artists and managers who perform at or work for such prestigious institutions as the Salzburg Festival, the International Foundation Mozarteum, or the Salzburg Museum and thereby experience an insider’s perspective on the business and marketing side of culture.

Students will also be introduced to Austrian culture on many levels.  They will stay in Salzburg with host families, and will make trips to different Austrian cultural sites around Salzburg.  Students will spend 4 days in Vienna and will be able to see concerts at the Musikverein and Vienna State Opera as well as visiting different cultural sites there.  A trip to Eszterhazy Palace is also an option.  Student accommodations on this trip will be a student hostel, where they will live and interact with other European students.

SALZBURG: Salzburg College

Traditional | Salzburg, Austria

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

This program in Salzburg allows students to integrate classroom study and field experience through a combination of small-class study as well as excursions, guest lectures, and interaction with local professionals in their field.

VIENNA: Webster University

Traditional | Vienna, Austria

Study Abroad Coordinator: Daisy Biddle (

Study in Vienna, Austria!