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Week 2- Transportation

The transportation here in Lima has been an experience for sure. I only live two blocks from school, so that is never an issue. Some other people on this dialogue live thirty minutes away on foot, so I’m lucky to live where I do.

The traffic here is absolutely insane. When I moved from California to Boston, I thought the drivers there were crazy, but here Lima they are much worse. It is almost like there are no rules and people honk here more than they do in Boston. But since I’m able to walk almost everywhere, I don’t mind. But despite the bold behavior by the drivers, I am yet to see an accident.

There is also no subway system here because of the frequent earthquakes. Lima is on the “Ring of Fire”, so earthquakes are very common here, and a subway system has a potential to become very dangerous in an earthquake situation.

Because there is no subway system, the buses are very crowded, but they seem to work well. Lima is a huge city, but the people here have definitely learned how to get where they need to be.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Fall 2014

differing-currneciesFinancing study abroad is a key concern among many of our students.  For questions on the cost of study abroad, as always, please consult the Finances Tab on the OISP Website, the Pricing and Billing Information Sheet, the Cost section on program pages, Northeastern Financial Services (your Financial Aid Advisor), and contact OISP with any further questions!

Are there scholarships available?? Yes!  There are many, many National Scholarships available for students going abroad – we link to many of these in the Finances Tab of the OISP website.

For Fall 2014 Students, OISP is pleased to offer several Study Abroad Scholarships.  We have College-Specific Scholarships for students in the COS, CAMD, and CSSH.  Deadline is April 1, 2014.  For more information, click here.

The Exchange Programs Scholarship for students applying to one of the institutions Northeastern has an exchange agreement with is also open for Fall 2014.  Click here for more information.  Deadline is March 1, 2014.