How Do I Apply?

Traditional study abroad (semester and summer):

Meeting with a Study Abroad Coordinator

Please note that a student can only apply to ONE study abroad program per session (i.e., one program in summer I, one program in summer 2, one program in the fall, and one in the spring). In some cases, there may be an exception, please see an advisor for more details.

All students will need to complete the GEO online application form as well as the host institution's application. Please consult with a study abroad advisor as some host institutions have an on-line application while others have a paper based application. Please note that all students are required to live within the accommodations provided by the host institution/program abroad.

In addition to the application forms (GEO's and the Host Institution's) all students will be required to submit their Official Northeastern University Transcripts and a copy of the photo ID page in their passports.

Depending on the specifics of the host institutions some students may be required to submit additional supporting application materials such as a letter of recommendation, passport size photos, medical evaluation forms, personal statements, writing samples and resumes/ cv's.

All application materials, with the exception of the on-line host institution's application, must be submitted to the Global Experience Office.

Once all of the application materials have been received by GEO they will be sent to the host institution by the GEO deadline.  Students will be notified of acceptance to the program shortly thereafter.

Should students have any questions regarding the application process they should contact the Global Experience Office.

Earning Northeastern Credit

Each course students take abroad is evaluated by faculty and a Northeastern University equivalent course is assigned by the appropriate department faculty head. Students should refer to the "Course Equivalents" database on our Web site to determine how foreign courses transfer to NU. It is imperative that students meet with their academic advisors to ensure the courses they take abroad will not deter them from their graduation plans. Students receive NU credit for all courses taken abroad. They are awarded 4 NU credits per course* regardless of the host institutions credit system. This means that NU course numbers are posted to the transcript, along with the grade received on the foreign transcript. It is important to keep in mind that the grades students receive abroad are factored into their NU GPA. Foreign grades are converted to the U.S. equivalent grades in cases where the grading scheme is different.

*Exceptions made for Beijing, Grenoble, Tokyo, & Cambridge programs. Please contact our office for further information.

Pass/Fail Policy

Pass/Fail Policy: As a reminder, all of the courses you take abroad will transfer back with a letter grade and be factored into your GPA.  Students may designate one course (that is equivalent to one 4 credit NEU course) pass/fail per semester if their host institution allows for the course to be taken for pass/fail credit. If you choose to take a course pass/fail, you must email with the course name and number within two weeks of your program start date. Students will not be allowed to change a course to pass/fail once this date has passed. Please note that no major, minor, or core classes can be taken as pass/fail. Additionally, Northeastern University students are not allowed to take business, engineering, or language courses for pass/fail credit.  All business, engineering, and language courses taken abroad must be taken for a letter grade regardless of the student’s major at Northeastern University.  *The Pass/Fail policy is in effect as of summer 1 2012.

Registration & Cost

GEO will register each student for a country placeholder course that will maintain their full time status while abroad. Because full-time student status is maintained, students will remain eligible for financial aid and students pay NU tuition while they are abroad.  Please refer to our Programs Page for more information.

Dialogue of Civilizations:

To apply to a Dialogue of Civilizations program, the following procedure must be followed:

*Applications are not considered complete until deposit is received. This deposit will be applied to the full cost of the program.
**Faculty may require additional information and/or interview (after application deadline).