Experiential Year Abroad

Northeastern University is proud to announce a new international experience option, Experiential Year Abroad!

What is Experiential Year Abroad?

Northeastern University is committed to providing unique international opportunities to help students develop their intercultural skills and global awareness. Experiential Year Abroad provides students the opportunity to enhance their traditional study abroad or Dialogue of Civilizations experience through a six-month international co-op, following directly after the international study program! Students participate on a traditional semester (fall or spring) study abroad or Dialogue of Civilizations summer program and have the option to extend their time abroad through an international co-op.

Why Participate?

The job market is a competitive one and international experiences greatly strengthen resumes for students of all majors. While study abroad is immeasurable in character and confidence building, additional international employment sets individuals apart as strong candidates for future employment both domestically and internationally.

Who Can Go?

Experiential Year Abroad is open to all majors; however, eligibility requirements for study abroad program entry and co-op approval vary depending on each program and student major. It is important that students meet with a study abroad advisor and international co-op advisor to review their eligibility for their desired study abroad program and/or co-op opportunity.

Where Can I Go?

In addition to Dialogue programs in the countries below, the following is a sample list of possible study abroad/international co-op opportunities:*

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Students study at Queen's University. Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

Beirut, Lebanon

Students study at American University of Beirut (AUB). Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

Cairo, Egypt

Students study at either American University of Cairo or AMIDEAST. Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

Istanbul, Turkey

Students study at either Koç University or CAPA, Turkey. Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

Perugia, Italy

Students study at the Umbra Institute. Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

Further information on these co-ops can be located here

San Jose, Costa Rica

Students study at either the International Center for Development Studies, San Joaquin de Flores, Universidad Veritas, or University of Costa Rica. Subsequent international co-op opportunities may include:

For more information on study abroad and/or Dialogue of Civilizations programs, please visit the Office of International Study Programs.

For more information on international co-op, please visit International Co-op.

*Please note:

- The listed international coop opportunities are not guaranteed to be available for the semester of desired participation.

- Acceptance is not guaranteed and will depend on the individual study abroad/international coop opportunity eligibility criteria, which include major and GPA. Please note that you must be accepted independently to a study abroad/Dialogue of Civilizations program and international coop.

- Typically, students will need to secure a student visa to participate on traditional semester (fall and spring) study abroad programs. A separate work visa will most likely be required for the international coop experience. Please note that neither OISP nor International Coop can guarantee successful obtainment of these visas. Students may have to return to the United States to obtain a work visa after study abroad and prior to their international co-op.