Photo & Video Contest 2011
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Each semester and summer session Northeastern University (NU) students travel all over the world.  Our NU students participate on both traditional semester and summer programs as well as Dialogue of Civilization programs. At this year’s re-entry dinner OISP had students submit photos and videos and share stories about their time abroad.  We’ve seen beautiful, creative and artistic imagery from Australia and Costa Rica to China and South Africa.  OISP is pleased to announce and congratulate the winners for this year’s photo and video contest.

First Place Photo 2011

First Place Photo: Stephanie Cook who studied in Italy on the Photography & Art Summer 2011 DOC program.

Second Place Photo 2011

Second Place Photo: Teal Mingledorff who studied in China on the Chinese Language Summer 2011 DOC program.

Third Place Photo

Third Place Photo: Charles Simpson who studied in Egypt on the Arabic Language & Middle East Studies DOC Summer 2011 program

First Place Video: Anneke Lada who studied in Indonesia/Bali on Performing Arts, Modernity and the Everyday in Contemporary Balinese Culture summer 2011 DOC program.

Congratulations again and thank you for your wonderful and talented submissions!