Students at the Marino Center

Welcome to the 2013 Coolest Co-op Video Competition!

Check out the 2012 winners!


FIRST PLACE: Scott Keenan – Reebok International LTD

SECOND PLACE: Gwen Kidera – Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation

THIRD PLACE (TIE): Nicole Georgallas - Spot Editorial (video posting soon!) & Nicole St. Germain – WBZ CBS Boston

Coolest Co-op Contest 2013!

This year's videos will be judged by a panel including:



Casey Bayer, PR/Media Relations Specialist


Gustave Cadet, Multimedia & Web Development Coordinator


Joe Case, Video and Digital Media Producer


Madeleine Estabrook, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs


Christine Hathaway Senior Asst Director, Marketing & Comm, Central Co-op


Ron Starr, Television Training Studio Manager


Laura Wankel, Vice President for Student Affairs


Christine Zarzicki, Program Coordinator, Co-op Connections



Please contact the Student Affairs Office at 617-373-5720 or with any questions.