A Manifesto

A Manifesto

Stories create change

They paint us reality

Narratives that dictate the future and explain the past

True or false, they intervene in the moment

Causing one to pause and question

“What do I believe?”

“Who is right”

and “What does it mean”


We are all interpreters

The mirror in how the world views itself

We must hold ourselves to truth

Or be lost in illusion

We must value intention and consider the consequence.

Or suffer ignorance


We need to be there first,

On the ground, the front lines, the edge and see what others miss

To find truth when there was none

To look into the eyes, hearts, and ideas

And pull out the human behind


We are not yet humble, ready, or willing

but we need to try.


Image credit: “in and out of the mirror” by Stella Vardaki