2nd Annual StoryLab Micro-Conference

The 2nd Annual StoryLab Micro-Conference: Perspectives on digital journalism and beyond will take took place on 
February 2, 2016 in Room 427, Ryder Hall at Northeastern University from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M.

Raison d’être

Journalism is being reinvented. The way it’s made, the way it’s disseminated, the way it’s consumed. Wading into the 21st century, media makers today are experimenting with new platforms, learning new tools, developing new skills, and developing new relationships with their subjects, colleagues, and readers. To innovate, we must be bold, curious, fearless. At StoryLab, we believe we must listen and learn from other disciplines. We believe in the cross-pollination of ideas to drive experimentation and reflection. We’ve convened this event to set the context of the course, answer questions, and provoke further inquiry: what can journalists and documentary storytellers storytellers learn from other disciplines? The presenters will highlight innovation in news, storytelling, interaction design, information design, and civic engagement.

Sequence of events

After a brief welcome, we’ll start with short, focused presentations from each of the speaker. The idea is to get us thinking, and then continue the engagement between students and speakers in a dynamic, moderated discussion. There will be a break for snacks and beverages between the presentations and the discussion session.

Dramatis Personae

Aleszu Bajak is a freelance journalist and educator and creator of LatinAmerican Science.org, a resource for science news and opinion out of Latin America. He is an Instructor in the School of Journalism at Northeastern, editor of Storybench.org, and co-created the StoryLab course with David Tamés. For more about Aleszu see aleszu.com and his presentation (PDF) is available

Cindy Sherman Bishop is a visual artist, filmmaker, and digital creative. She is currently a fellow at the MIT Open Doc Lab. At MIT, she has further developed her StoryBot family archive, which is now patent-pending, and has authored the Haven project which facilitates 3D storytelling/prototyping in the browser. For more about Cindy see cindyshermanbishop.com

Lily Bui is currently studying at MIT Media Lab’s Comparative Media Studies and will talk about her work with sensor journalism and community participation. For more abut Lily see lilybui.strikingly.com and  her presentation (Google Slides) is available.

Dan Kennedy is a veteran reporter and professor at the School of Journalism at Northeastern, will discuss his current project, a book about how three business people who are passionate about newspapers are using their wealth to reinvent their papers and possibly to show the way for others. For more about his current project see What I’ll be doing in the coming year.

Kent Millard is a User Experience Specialist at MathWorks who works with several teams to improve their online community and search. He is an Adjunct Professor here at Northeastern and currently teaching Interactive Design I: Responsive. He will talk about the dynamic relationship between interface and story.

Celia Pearce is a game designer, artist, author, curator, researcher and Professor of Game Design here at Northeastern specializing in multiplayer gaming and virtual worlds, she will discuss the genre of “documentary and newsgames” and talk about some of the challenges with working in these genres along with a few examples of existing work in this arena, for more about Celia see cpandfriends.com and her presentation (PowerPoint) is available.

lou susi is a user experience designer and proprietor of storyFirst. He will talk about the importance of story in design and why human-centered design is so successful across multiple industries. To learn more about UX and story visit storyfirst.org.

David Tamés (conference organizer and moderator) is a documentary filmmaker with new media tendencies who is currently producing a feature-length documentary about the philosophical debates surrounding humane animals slaughter. He co-created the StoryLab course with Aleszu Bajak. For more about David see davidtames.com.

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