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Squid is a sensitized, wearable compression shirt that integrates with a smart-phone and web database to monitor resistance exercises (e.g. weightlifting). Squid’s “tentacles” are strategically placed EMG (electromyography) sensors that monitor the user’s muscle activation levels. Squid also features a heart rate monitor, giving users a complete fitness snapshot.

Real-time biofeedback from the smart-phone application optimizes the effectiveness of workouts and all workouts completed by the user are stored on the web database that allows for the integration of a goal-reward structure, providing motivation and tracking progress over time.

Along with a completed prototype, the team filed a provisional patent as of December 2nd, 2011. Squid has recently created a large buzz within the technology community, with publications in major online publications such as Yahoo! and Engadget, just to name a few. The team is currently working on designing a new, revamped V2 prototype.

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The Interdisciplinary Team


Constantinos Mavroidis
  • Constantinos Mavroidis
  • Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Mark Sivak
  • Mark Sivak
  • Ph.D Candidate, Assistant Academic Specialist

Interactive Media

Alexandra Aas
  • Alexandra Aas
  • Graphic Design
Alexandra Moran
  • Alexandra Moran
  • Graphic Design
Amy Schaffer
  • Amy Schaffer
  • Computer Science


Trevor Lorden
  • Trevor Lorden
  • Mechanical Engineering
Adam Morgan
  • Adam Morgan
  • Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Sheehan
  • Joseph Sheehan
  • Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Wilbur
  • Thomas Wilbur
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Constantinos Mavroidis, Ph.D
  • Distinguished Professor of Engineering
  • Mark Sivak, Ph.D Candidate
  • Assistant Academic Specialist
  • Terrence Masson
  • Director of Creative Industries
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