WBUR Highlights Double Dutch in Boston Public Schools

May 21, 2013

In 2009 WBUR investigated the Boston Public School’s sports programs, and found leagues that played without equipment, teams that shared uniforms on the sidelines, and alleyways that served as infields. After uncovering the state of BPS sports, the Boston Globe wrote a series that sparked a major overhaul in the city’s programs. Mayor Menino and School Superintendent Carol Johnson both looked to improve the quality and availability of sports through the Boston Public School system. Several other individuals read the articles and were interested in being involved; recognizing the importance of sports for positive youth development, local organizations such as The Play Ball! Foundation and Boston Scholar Athletes were developed to supplement and improve the existing public school sports programs.

After four years of progress, WBUR just released another news series on the successful transformation of the BPS athletic programs for middle and high school students. The very first article of this installment features one the Double Dutch competitions in Mattapan, a tournament series that Sport in Society has been involved with for over a decade. Sport in Society, in collaboration with the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation, has built the capacity of the Double Dutch League of Massachusetts by facilitating the grassroots organizational outreach for the league, providing information and resources to coaches and teams, acting as a liaison for demonstrations, overseeing coaching clinics, and hosting the annual tournaments.

In the Spring of 2010, Play Ball! Foundation, Boston Public Schools, and the Dream Big! Foundation, joined the mix to establish a Double Dutch program for middle school girls; this collaboration was a result of the initial series from WBUR. This new series on the progress since that investigation showcases a few other popular sports teams, and interviews both athletes and organizers about the positive impact these programs have on the students academically, socially, and physically. To read the whole series, and learn more about the role of improved sports in the overall success of Boston Public Schools, visit WBUR here.