Verizon Foundation Domestic Violence Prevention Event

October 28, 2011
10:00am - 2:00pm
Cabral Center, Northeastern University

Building on Northeastern University and Verizon’s shared commitment to ending domestic violence, Sport in Society will host an event celebrating Verizon grant recipients and the foundation’s focus on engaging men in the prevention of gender based violence. This event utilizes Sport in Society’s internationally recognized MVP program as a basis for grant recipients to learn and discuss more effective strategies for enlisting men in the prevention of domestic violence. Hosted in October to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Verizon Foundation event will feature a keynote speaker from a selected former or current Sport in Society staff members, who have years of experience educating young men and boys on the importance of being allies toward women in the prevention of gender based violence. Each speaker has a wealth of knowledge about engaging men and experience of providing pro-active calls for males to take a stronger stance against gender-based violence. This event will serve as a catalyst for grant recipients to think more critically about how they can better enlist men in supporting their mission to end domestic violence. Learn more about the Verizon Foundation here. For more information contact Jarrod at 617-373-8420 or