Research and Resources

Sport in Society provides intellectual capital for sport-based youth development programs through academic research and statistical information. Explore the resources and research generated by the Center and other leaders in the field here.

Funding Trends

Information on Funding Trends collected by Sport in Society is available here. This document was compiled through interviews and on the ground research among funders and organizations in Boston.

Forum Slides

This is the slide presentation from the Sport in Society February forum on programming trends among sport-based youth development organizations. The March forum covered workforce competencies and best practices, and the May forum gave funding and program updates, and looked ahead to upcoming events and the future of sport-based youth development. All of these lunch forums were presented in collaboration with Northeastern University, New Balance and Coaching Peace.

Literature Review

literature review of the field gives a comprehensive overview of the available research and further needs. For a full list of the resources examined in the literature review, please click here.

Articles of Interest

Consultant and Sport in Society collaborator Diana Cutaia, owner of Coaching Peace, wrote an article for Wheelock College about the current leadership crisis in sports management. To hear more, check out her webinars for Sport in Society on our professional development page.

This article from the Women’s Sports Foundation provides concrete tips for engaging girls in sports and teaching them the importance of lifelong physical fitness. Many coaches struggle to retain girls in sports programs as they age, which means less women are available to be future coaches and athletic rolde models for a new generation of younger females.  The article is packed with great advice and easy steps for coaches to implement with their teams. To learn more about encouraging girls in sports, sign up for Sport in Society’s panel discussion on Increasing Female Participation in Sports.