Tips from Teens: the Courage to Care Healthy Relationship Summit

This month’s tips are inspired by the Courage to Care Healthy Relationship Summit that took place March 14th 2014 at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. High school students from all over Massachusetts who are trained as facilitators in the Center’s Mentors in Violence Prevention program gathered to generate ideas, share tips, and get inspired to develop safe and strong school communities. The students compiled advice for having positive romantic relationships, and supporting friends through a breakup. Some of the main themes, ideas, and suggestions are listed here!

Healthy Relationships Advice from Courage to Care:

-Allow the other person to grow and change. Encourage them to explore individual interests.

-Respect your partner’s boundaries, both emotionally and sexually. Be comfortable sharing!

-Balance time with your partner and with other friends. Keep space and independence.

-Feel comfortable being honest with your partner! Be able to disagree.

-Be proud to be with your partner. Don’t hide your relationship.

-Have a good, healthy support system.

-Treat each other like best friends. Respect one another and don’t try to change each other.

-Don’t just participate in sexual acts every time you’re together. Develop more than just a physical relationship.

-If there’s an issue in your relationship, talk about it instead of bottling your feelings or problems up.

-Open up your life and love to your partner. Its not about closing doors!


Healthy Breakup Advice from Courage to Care:

-Celebrate the positive memories and experiences you shared.

-Allow yourself time to miss the relationship, but don’t overwhelm yourself with grief.

-Keep active, both physically and socially.

-Give support to a friend if they’re going through a breakup: bring chocolate, listen to Taylor Swift albums, and offer a shoulder to cry on!

-Don’t trash talk an ex or participate in bad mouthing a former partner.