Sport-Based Youth Development

The Center for Sport in Society believes in the power of sports to make positive and lasting social change; through education, capacity building, and community engagement, the Center has been involved in creating an impact for over 30 years. Now, with Northeastern University, Sport in Society is broadening its role as a facilitator of social justice. The emerging field of sport-based youth development is poised to unite sports and physical education with positive youth advancement to cultivate future leaders, and Sport in Society is dedicated to advancing this field through professional development, leadership education and program support.

Through an innovative combination of online webinars, networking events, and organization evaluation, Sport in Society will provide resources and programs to sport-based youth development groups in Boston and nationally. Centrally located within a research university and the sports industry, Sport in Society is able to unite resources, tools and organizations to strengthen the sport-based youth development community as it promotes positive change and student leadership education. This site is a platform to connect research and  various tools for collaboration, and encourage inter-organizational learning and support in the developing field.