Research & Case Studies

The State of General Operating Support, Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski, National Communities for Responsive Philanthropy

Male Athletes and Violence: Is there a Correlation?, Craig Stevens, Center for the Study of Sport in Society

Abstract: Are professional and college male athletes more violent? Do they perpetrate more sexual assault? Does athletic participation and association cause athletes to act in a more aggressive manner outside athletics in their everyday lives?  This review identifies, summarizes, and discusses scholarly research that examines the tendency of adult-male athletes to express aggressive behaviors and attitudes away from a competitive sport context.  Evidence linking athletic participation to aggressive behavior in adult males is inconclusive. Future scholarly efforts examining the phenomena should consider using a longitudinal design.

“These data suggest that male athletes probably come to college with attitudes and behaviors supportive of rape, so prevention programs should focus on high school-age boys or younger” (Murnen & Kohlman, 2007)

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