Red Auerbach Invitational Double Dutch Tournament

April 12, 2011

Boston, MA – On Saturday, April 7, Sport in Society and the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation held the 16th Annual Invitational Double Dutch tournament at Northeastern University with over 200 jumpers competing. Throughout the morning, teams of 3 (singles) and 4 (doubles) competed in compulsory and speed tests.  For compulsory competition, jumpers follow a pre-established routine including turns, crisscross jumps, and high knees. In the speed test, fast feet and rhythmic turning are crucial to achieving high jump numbers in the two minute time period.  Later in the day, attention shifted to the freestyle competition, where jumpers incorporated complicated rope tricks, physically demanding acrobatic moves, and coordinated dance steps, all between the spinning ropes.


This year was the biggest in recent history, with 87 teams competing, representing Aquidneck Island, Beantown Jumpers, Brookline High School, Harbor Middle School, Irving Middle School, Lawrence School, Smith Leadership Academy, Rope Burners, and Xclusive.  “The gym was overflowing!  It’s amazing to see teams turning the ropes over every square inch of the gym – even in the hallways!” Caitlin Geddes, Sport in Society’s Director of Programs, said of the event.


“I was impressed by the enthusiasm and excitement of the teams. It was my first time volunteering at a Double Dutch tournament, and it was great to see the athletes compete and demonstrate sportsmanship towards each other,” said Breanna Ockimey, Sport in Society research and marketing intern.


Stewart Grossman, partner in the law firm of Looney & Grossman and President of the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation and Red’s nephew said, “double dutch was Red’s second favorite sport” and is delighted with the success and expansion of the double dutch in partnership with Sport in Society and PlayBall!


First Place Finishes

Level 1 Singles Grades 1-3: Rope Burners Rope Angels

Level 1 Singles Grades 3-5: Lawrence School Lawrence Loyalty

Level 1 Singles Grades 6-8: Rope Burners Beyond Perfection

Level 2 Singles Grades 3-5: Xclusive Mildred Avenue Sour Patches

Level 2 Singles Grades 6-8: Beantown Jumpers Boston Dopetastic

Level 2 Singles Open Division: Xclusive Mildred Avenue T.I.W

Level 3 Singles Grades 6-8: Xclusive Mildred Avenue Xpress It

Level 1 Doubles Grades 3-5: Xclusive Mildred Avenue Sour Patches II

Level 1 Doubles Grades 6-8: Beantown Jumpers Quincy MJA Wow

Level 2 Doubles Grades 6-8: Beantown Jumpers Timilty Middle School Fast & Furious

Level 2 Doubles Grades 9-12 Brookline High School Furinkazan Infinity

Level 3 Doubles Grades 6-8 Beantown Jumpers Boston Twinkletoes