MVP Bystander Intervention Conference

May 31, 2012
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Please join us for a global conference devoted to exploring the roots of the bystander approach to gender violence prevention, and helping to set an agenda for next steps in the field!

May 31-June 1, 2012

In 1993 Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) introduced the bystander intervention approach to the gender violence prevention and education field.  In the spirit of its continuing leadership in this field, MVP is organizing this dynamic, international conference as an opportunity for educators, activists, funders and others to explore the history, development and current state of efforts to engage bystanders in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

In recent years bystander programs, initiatives and campaigns have proliferated and the approach now enjoys widespread appeal.  This conference will be the first global gathering of experts, activists and practitioners to discuss and share our respective bystander intervention experiences.  The conference will focus on bystander intervention in preventing gender violence while exploring a range of social, structural and political dynamics that are seamlessly transferable to bystander efforts addressing other social problems.

Leading experts in the bystander intervention movement will discuss a range of issues, such as men and women working together; designing effective bystander initiatives in diverse socioeconomic and racial/ethnic environments; working with organized athletics and Greeks on college campuses; bystander pedagogy; and efforts to design comprehensive bystander initiatives that address gender violence but also bullying, gay-bashing and other significant social problems.

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