What Is Project Teamwork?

Project Teamwork’s mission is to encourage greater sensitivity among people to the racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, ability, and gender issues impacting their lives. Created to combat the extreme gang and racial violence of the early 90’s in Boston, trainers have included Lin Dawson, Luis Tiant, Norm Van Lier, and Olympic Gold Metal Rower Holly Metcalf.  The athletes spoke to young people about solving conflicts peacefully through appreciating difference.  Today, Sport in Society trainers continue to spread the Project Teamwork message by teaching young people how they can take a stand against the violence and discrimination that plague our local communities.


Founded in 1990, Project Teamwork has been recognized as one of the leading diversity programs in the country. Well-known public opinion analyst, Lou Harris called Project Teamwork “America’s most successful violence prevention program.” Project Teamwork was also honored with the Peter F. Drucker Award as the most innovative nonprofit program in the social sector. In 1995, then President Bill Clinton acknowledged Project Teamwork as a model violence prevention program.

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