The Sport in Society Difference

Sport in Society leverages a 25 year history of developing and implementing sports leadership programs that build strong leaders and strong brands and the organization remains the global thought leader on social responsibility in sport. In addition to this history:

  • Sport in Society’s thought leadership is bolstered by the organization’s position at Northeastern University, home to some of the world’s foremost academic researchers who play a vital role in our program development and evaluation.
  • Sport in Society’s training programs utilize the bystander approach to prevention, in which participants engage in interactive facilitated dialogue that provides an educational experience that is both informative and interesting.
  • Sport in Society trainings utilize the language of sport to better engage players and staff participants. Our key curricular innovation is called the Playbook, which is an educational guide that includes life-like scenarios on the field and in the locker room to engage participants in discussion.
  • SIS is staffed by former collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes, whose experiences provide them with an understanding of the demands and cultures of sport organizations, as well as proven frameworks and methodologies for implementing social change solutions.