Tyler Cooper

Tyler Cooper is a Co-op student for the spring semester of 2014. Tyler is a Sophomore at Northeastern, majoring in Sociology. After completing his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh, Tyler traveled to Northern Ireland to study the troubles that occurred between the Catholic and Protestant communities. Tyler has a passion for Martial Arts that started at an early age. In grade school, Tyler attended a tae-kwon-doe studio for a couple years, before switching his focus to Kung Fu, weapons, and Tai Chi. In high school, Tyler was a member of his schools Judo club, and in his freshman year of college, he attended Judo classes as well as an ai-ki-do school. Since moving to Boston, Tyler attends the school of Oom-Yung-Doe, a traditional martial arts school, where he occasionally helps to teach the children’s classes. He has received a bronze medal in local traditional martial arts tournaments for his demonstrations of Geneve (small monkey form), Chui-qwan (the drunken fist), Ha Yook Tung (six tunnels), and the single sided spear. Tyler is looking forward to working with the local community to facilitate critical analysis of social issues. Tyler hopes to use his background in Martial Arts to foster an awareness in individuals that gives them the tools to combat negative social pressures as well as propagate and perpetuate positive development as individuals, as a culture, and ultimately as a society. He is excited about the opportunities for training in violence prevention that are offered by Sport in Society, as well as making connections with others who do similar work.

Favorite quote:
“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
C.G. Jung

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