Deb Jencunas

Sport in Society, a Northeastern University Center, is thrilled to announce that Deb Jencunas has joined the team as Senior Associate Director.  With over 30 years of experience working in education, Deb will provide vision, leadership, and direction to all aspects of Sport in Society’s

Deb Jencunas joined Sport in Society in 2012 as the Senior Associate Director. In this role, Jencunas provides leadership for strategic planning and directs the overall operations of the center, ensuring that Sport in Society functions as a mission driven and values led organization.  Under her leadership, the Center focuses on serving the needs of global sports industry by providing professional development, capacity building, research-based programmatic evaluation and access to higher education credentialing and degrees.

Prior to coming to the Center, Jencunas had 30 years of broad based experience in the Boston Public School System. Serving in variety of capacities within BPS, Jencunas’ roles included special education teacher, director of BPS student services, career coordinator, and assistant high school headmaster. In all of these positions, Jencunas was a fierce advocate for the well-being and social development of young people by ensuring that programming and education was always child centered.

A highly competitive runner, Jencunas has participated in numerous marathons and other long distance races. Jencunas understands the positive effects that sports can play in a person’s life and is an avid promoter of sport based youth development and positive youth coaching.