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Huskies for Sport in Society is a new student-run group that links the work of Sport in Society, a Northeastern University Center, to community service and professional development opportunities for the Northeastern University student body. To learn more about Huskies for Sport in Society, please check out our 2013-2014 club overview.


The vision of Huskies for Sport in Society is the same as that of its sponsor organization, Sport in Society, which is to “utilize the power and appeal of sport to create a just world by eliminating discrimination, hate and violence, while creating lasting solutions, and promoting healthy development and social responsibility.”

Huskies for Sport in Society will work towards this vision by participating in one time and ongoing community service projects in the Boston area that promote sport for positive youth development, participating in and training others in Sport in Society’s leadership, violence prevention and diversity curricula, raising awareness of their vision within the Northeastern and Boston communities, and by creating a space within the organization for students to emerge as and develop into strong leaders in the sports for social justice movement. To become involved and participate in these community service events, check out our FaceBook page for updated volunteer opportunities. As the group grows there is space to broaden the scope of work that members participate in, for example the organization may choose to support sport for social justice movements around the world through activities such as fundraising and awareness building.


In order to ensure that the organization maintains strong leadership and is sustainable there will be a formal structure to the organization that at its foundation will include: president, director of communications and recruitment, director of professional development and member training and director of member community service and community partnerships/relationships. During regular meetings each director will lead breakout sessions with members in order to work on specific projects and to discuss goals and reflect on their experiences. Member reflection will be an important aspect of group meetings in order for members to get the most out of their experiences as well as for organizational improvement purposes.

Student leaders, as well as student members, will be held to high standards as a part of this organization in order for Huskies for Sport in Society to represent their sponsor organization well and to truly benefit their community partners. Huskies for Sport in Society’s leadership board will be required to meet on a regular basis outside of mandatory meetings of the entire organization which will follow a regular schedule. A commitment to the organizations core vision will be required, though students do not need to have an athletic background in order to participate.

Each student leader and member will have specific expectations and set roles that will be clear to them before becoming a member and taking on a leadership role.

Questions? Contact Ricardhy Grandoit and like us on FaceBook.


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