Annual Reports

Bolstered by a new strategic and business plan that transformed our entire model, the Center has built upon the foundation of excellence and set a new standard for leadership education, consultation, and community engagement.

A few highlights from our FY 2012 include co-hosting the Invisible Athlete Forum with GForce Sports to challenge hetero-sexism in sports, providing opportunities for higher education by connecting professional athletes with the Northeastern College of Professional Studies, developing further relationships with Boston Public Schools through trainings and the BPS Athletics Coop, and engaging the sport-based youth development community by hosting a Collaborative Learning Series (with support from the New Balance Foundation) to support emerging leaders and organizations in the field. We invite you to look at our Annual Report for a more detailed summary of our work.

In FY 2011 our successes included delivering a full scale workplace conduct training to the NFL, designing and implementing a capacity building project with the YMCA, facilitating gender violence curriculum at the World Cup, developing logic model-based solutions for a number of Boston impact programs, and engaging in conversation with the global sports industry around accessible degree completion and professional development opportunities for athletes and administrators. Please view our Annual Report for a comprehensive summary of our work.