Theory of Change:
When leaders have the appropriate awareness, organization, and tools, they have the capacity to leverage the immense resources and status of sport to implement innovative and impactful solutions that will help solve the unique issues of health, safety and inclusion facing underserved communities. This belief is evidenced by the growing number of organizations and individuals participating in sport and social change activities – who are using the resources and appeal of sport as a platform for education and advocacy. However, there remains within this movement a need for greater coordination, resource building and professional development for its expanding body of emerging leaders. Our strategy is therefore to educate, support and unite leaders to use sport as a vehicle for strengthening our local and global communities. As a result of our efforts, Sport in Society will empower the sports community to work together in ensuring that every person has the opportunity to develop within a safe, healthy and inclusive environment in order to become a self-aware, contributing member of society.

Our Vision:
The Center for the Study of Sport in Society uses the power of sport to foster diversity, prevent men’s violence against women, eradicate youth violence and empower the sport-based youth development network to create access, opportunity and sustainable impact for all people.

Our Mission:
The Center’s mission encompasses the following four focus areas:

1. Facilitating training in our world renowned social justice education programs; MVP, which focuses on preventing gender-based violence, and Project Teamwork, a diversity and inclusion program.

2. Serving as a global resource for sport-based youth development organizationsthrough academic credentialing and professional development.

3. Tackling the issue of social injustice at its core by providing access to higher education by creating local, national and global partnerships for degree completion.

4. Engaging the community through education, training, service and sport to promote positive cultural change.