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    For over 30 years, The Center for the Study of Sport in Society has used the power and appeal of sport to create positive social change. Due to its central place in society, the visibility and stature of athletes, and the extent to which its worldwide audience cuts across gender, race, and socioeconomic lines, sport can bridge cultural gaps, resolve conflict, and educate people in a way that few other activities can.

    The Center for the Study of Sport in Society uses sport as a platform to promote social justice. We educate and support emerging leaders and organizations within sport with the awareness, knowledge and skills to implement innovative and impactful solutions for social change.

    The Center has four focus areas, which include:

    1. Education Programs: Facilitating training in our world renowned social justice education programs; MVP, which focuses on preventing gender-based violence, and Project Teamwork, a diversity and inclusion program.

    2. Sport-Based Youth Developing: Serving as a global resource for sport-based youth development organizations through academic credentialing and professional development.
    3. Higher Education: Tackling the issue of social injustice at its core by providing access to higher education by creating local, national and global partnerships for degree completion.
    4. Community: Engaging the community through education, training, service and sport to promote positive cultural change.