Social Justice Resource Center

What is the mission statment of the SJRC?

The SJRC is an inclusive hub of innovative justice-minded thinking, collaboration and action on Northeastern’s campus that aspires to contribute to the common good.

What does the SJRC do?

  1. We provide a visible presence committed to social justice on Northeastern’s campus.
  2. We provide support to Northeastern student groups focused on social justice causes.
  3. We build the capacity of all students to think critically and respond effectively to social challenges.
  4. We provide a space for dialogue, collaboration and reflection between students, faculty and staff.
  5. We provide resources to the NU community about social justice theory, leaders and movements.

What are the focus areas?

Our goal is to build three core competencies:

  1. Critical Thinking. Become more aware of yourself, your neighbor, our society and the world.
  2. Collaboration. Learn life skills that are pathways to human progress and individual success.
  3. Collective Action. Engage around issues that promote equality and fairness in Boston and beyond.

To learn more please email us at: