Sacred Space

Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service

The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service (203 Ell Hall) serves and supports the spiritual, religious and social justice commitments of all NU community members. The Center is home to the Sacred Space (200 Ell Hall), a beautiful award-winning spiritual space for worship, private contemplation, group meetings, and special events. The Center also partners and supports the Social Justice Resource Center (106 St. Stephen Street), the Hillel Center (70 St. Stephen Street), and the Catholic Center (68 St. Stephen Street).  

Mission Statement

The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service (CSDS) attends to the spiritual needs of the Northeastern Community.  The Center builds partnerships across University departments and disciplines, and with religious communities and public service agencies locally, nationally, and internationally to help students become engaged citizens, peace builders and equipped as leaders to tackle pressing global problems. The work of the Center is organized into two mutually reinforcing spheres.

Sphere of Spirituality and Interfaith Engagement

Offers students, faculty and staff opportunities to explore their personal spirituality, diverse religious traditions, learn ethical reflection and decision-making, and develop interfaith appreciation and competence.

Sphere of Service and Social Action - Coordinated by the Social Justice Resource Center (SJRC)

Serves as an inclusive hub of innovative justice-minded thinking, collaboration and action that empowers students, faculty and staff to help enact a society that is equitable and peaceful.

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