Global Citizenship Project (GCP):

Our job is to move the world a millionth of an inch– Gary Snyder

At CSDS, we believe every member of our community must have the opportunity to develop as global citizens. We define “global citizens” as leaders who understand their own gifts, talents, skills, experiences, and passions and how to apply these in order to create change in the world. We understand that knowledge of global issues is essential, and that one need not travel beyond campus to contribute to positive change in the world. The Global Citizenship Project benchmarks three key foundational beliefs that guide workshops and opportunities: You Belong, You Are Connected, and You Are Needed.

The Global Citizenship Project launched in 2014 in the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service as an initiative to equip students with skills and explore how leaders might connect every aspect of their lives to discern personal and professional goals. Hallmarks of the program have been experiential workshops and Interfaith Pilgrimage experiences. Currently, CSDS offers workshops that bring students together across lines of difference. Each workshop’s activities and learning outcomes are guided by an overarching question. In addition to workshops, the Project collaborates with the Cultural Centers, Residential Life, CSDS’ Campus Dialogue Initiative, the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning Through Research and other key partners to imagine new components and useful resources for the entire Northeastern community.


You Belong: What gifts, talents, skills, experiences and passions do I possess to create change in my community and in the world? 

You Are Connected: What individuals, groups, communities, and institutions can I call upon to make change?

You Are Needed: What role can I take that combines my toolkit and passion for sustainable change?


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