Malisa Ellis


Malisa has worked with CRU/Agape for the past 13 years in various locations, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Northwest part of the United States. Six years ago, Brian Ellis, her now husband, proposed and she moved to Boston to work alongside him in CRU. Malisa is currently on the leadership team for the CRU Boston City team, giving leadership to the CRU movements at Northeastern, Boston University, and the Colleges of the Fenway. Brian and Malisa have two daughters.

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Sarah Godwin


Sarah graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Computer Science. Upon graduation, she spent two years in East Asia studying the language and culture while engaging and journeying spiritually with the students around her. God worked through her time overseas to deepen her relationship with Him through Jesus while opening her eyes to the world, giving her a better understanding of different faith backgrounds and cultural contexts. Since 2009, Sarah has served in Boston with Bridges International, a ministry of CRU/Agape that aims to specifically serve international students studying in the U.S. Sarah loves cities, watching college football, cooking, reading, running, traveling, and laughing.

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Yelun Qin


Lue (Yelun) is a native of Boston. He got his BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University. Lue began working at Northeastern in Fall 2014 and has enjoyed working with the InterVarsity (IV) group immensely. He worked concurrently as IV’s ministry director at BC and Tufts from 2016-2017. Before coming to NU, he served as the staff advisor to the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship through the Harvard InterVarsity Chaplaincy from 2010-2015. Lue encountered Jesus in college, and it changed the course of his life. Thus, he values creating a space where students can explore questions of faith and the person of Jesus. Lue enjoys developing people in their gifts and seeing them come alive in their passions. He loves the intersection of faith, justice, ethnic identity and racial reconciliation. He believes college is such an important time to explore the big questions of life, and that’s why he finds great joy in mentoring and developing college students.

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