Interfaith Dialogue and Action at NU

NU Interfaith Service HUBS: Interfaith Service through Health, Urban beautification, and Building community with Senior citizens
In June 2011, President Barack Obama sent out a call to the nation inviting people of all faiths to work together in service to our communities. The White House issued “The President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge” to universities across the nation, in order to build interfaith cooperation and community service among college students. Northeastern University is one of over 300 American universities that chose to respond to this challenge. Our plan includes a series of events we are calling NU Interfaith Service HUBS. These events are offered in 2 phases: 1- programmatically building interfaith engagement among students of all faiths here at NU, and 2- taking our strengthened community out to offer interfaith service to local urban low-income senior citizens. Together we’re providing programs aimed at aiding seniors’ overall health and wellness, beautifying their environment, and providing community and companionship. Members of the NU community from all faith and paths are invited to help!

The Multi-Faith Student Connection is comprised of students from various religious traditions and spiritual practices, who come together weekly to learn from one another and foster connection among people of all faiths. The MFSC seeks to involve all students on campus — those with strong faith backgrounds as well as those who may be searching for spiritual growth. The goals of the MFSC are to:

  • build personal connection through respectful dialogue
  • promote religious understanding on campus
  • promote interfaith cooperation on campus
  • plan programs and activities
  • build relationships with the local community through social action and
  • service serve as peer resources on matters of spiritual life

For more information on this student group, please contact the NU Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service at 617-373-2728.