Meditation Sessions

Meditation can serve as a method to familiarize ourselves with our body and mind. Through frequent training in concentration, mindfulness, and equanimity, we can gradually improve our internal and external health. This practice can also increase our capacity to cultivate virtuous states of mind such as compassion, wisdom, and love while helping us to maintain them throughout our daily life.

The Sacred Space offers at least one 30-minute guided meditation session each day. Meditation classes are free. All are welcome, including beginners. No pre-registration, participants may attend any week or every week on a walk-in basis.

For Summer 1 2015 we offer the following meditation sessions:  


As students and faculty, we share the opportunity to learn both the simplicities and intricacies of meditation from student and faculty meditation-guides. Find brief descriptions of the guided meditation styles offered by each of our meditation guides.

Katy Zeigler

Guided meditation cultivated around mindfulness to relax the body and mind.

Faculty members Ann Cai & Helen Du :

Bilingual (English & Chinese) Guided Meditation that aims to reduce learning anxiety levels and enhance academic performance for students who are either studying Chinese or English as their foreign language.

Harrison Blum - Buddhist Spiritual Advisor and Mindfulness Programs Coordinator

Guided mindfulness meditation focused on finding ease in the body, mind, and heart. Drawn from Buddhist teachings but guided in a non-religious framework.

Michael Katoni

Explore the practice of mindfulness meditation through awareness of the breath and detachment from one's thoughts. Through this practice we will cultivate a clear mind and an authentic soul.

Moleca Mich

Guided meditations with elements of mindfulness to help promote relaxation and stress reduction.