Religious Holy Days

Major Religious Holy Days:

Please note that the following list is not exhaustive, contact the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service at 617-373-2728 or at for information. For university policies concerning absence due to religious holy day observance, please see the "Guidelines" link elsewhere on this website.

For information about each Religious Holiday as well as a more extensive list please go to:

Holy Week Schedule 2015 [printable here]

Palm Sunday Mass
March 29th, 12:30 pm 
Fenway Center, 77 St. Stephen Street, across from the Catholic Center. Gather outside.

Penance Service
Tuesday, March 31st, 7:30 pm at the Catholic Center.
We are happy to host a team of priests to hear confession as we prepare for the holiest days of the church year. 

Holy Thursday 
Mass of the Lord's Supper

April 2nd, 7 pm Fenway Center, followed by the visitation Pilgrimage to local churches.

Description: We celebrate the last supper and commemorate the night Jesus established the priesthood and instituted the Holy Eucharist. This liturgy features the washing of the feet of 12 student leaders and concludes with a Eucharistic procession to the Catholic Center where adoration will continue. Afterwards, we make a pilgrimage to the Mission Church visiting other Eucharistic chapels and sites along the way.

Good Friday 
Stations of the Cross, 
April 3rd, 3 pm Centennial Common, NU Campus (gather at cross)

Description: The Stations of the Cross are a traditional series of prayers that move through 14 stages of Christ's passion from his condemnation to his burial. The service lasts about a half hour and will be open-air. We welcome anyone who wishes to prayerfully remember the crucifixion of Jesus to attend.

Good Friday Passion Service
April 3rd, 6 pm Fenway Center

Description: The liturgy for Good Friday is not a mass but does include the distribution of communion. The priests enter in silence and lay prostrate before the altar. The readings recall the Lord's passion and death. The congregation is invited to kiss the cross of Christ, or offer some other sign of respect to the crucifix. Prayers for the whole Church as well as all peoples are offered. The service ends in silence.

Easter Vigil Mass
Saturday, April 4th, 8:00 pm Fenway Center (gather outside)

Description: The Vigil begins the Church's annual celebration of Easter. A fire is kindled outside the sanctuary and priests light the Christ candle to start the celebration. Congregants process into the worship space with candles and the Exultet is sung. Darkness yields to light as the readings describe God's unfolding plan of salvation. The liturgy features the return of the Gloria, the baptism of our catechumen, and a joyful celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us after for refreshments at the Catholic Center!

Easter Sunday Mass, 
April 5th, 12:30 pm Fenway Center

Description: Wear your Easter best and remember the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death. This liturgy is a vibrant celebration with singing, bells and lots to smile about. We welcome candidates into full communion and confirm Catholics who have been preparing all year for this big day.

Spring/Summer 2014:


August 29 Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu
Beheading of John the Baptist Christian
August 30 Paryushana Parva Jain
September 1 Ecclesiastical year begins Orthodox Christian
September 8 Nativity of Mary Christian
September 14 Elevation of the Life Giving
Cross - Holy Cross Day
September 22 Mabon Wicca/Pagan northern hemisphere
Ostata Wicca/Pagan southern hemisphere
September 24-26
Sundown to Sundown
Rosh Hashanah Jewish
September 27 Meskel Ethiopian Orthodox Christian
September 29 Michael and All Angels Christian
September 29 -
October 3
Navaratri Hindu
October 3 Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu
October 4 Yom Kippur Jewish
Saint Francis Day Catholic Christian
Dasara Hindu
October 4-7 Eid al Adha Islam
October 9-15 Sukkot Jewish
October 13 Thanksgiving (Canada) Interfaith
October 16 Shemini Atzeret Jewish
October 17 Simchat Torah Jewish
October 20 Birth of the Báb Baha'i
Installation of Scriptures as
Gukru Granth
October 21-25 Deepavali Hindu
October 23 Diwali - Deepavali Hindu-Jain-Sikh
October 24 Jain New Year Jain
October 25 Hijra - New Year Islam
October 26 Reformation Day Protestant Christian
October 28 Milvian Bridge Day Christian
October 31 All Hallow's Eve Christian
November 1 All Saint's Day Christian
Samhain - Litha Wicca/Pagan northern
and southern hemispheres
November 2 All Soul's Day Catholic Christian
November 5 Ashura Islam
November 6 Guru Nanak Dev Sahib birthday Sikh
November 12 Birth of Baha'u'llah Baha'i
November 15-25 Winter Lent Orthodox Christian
November 21 Yule Christian
November 23 Christ the King Christian
November 24 Guru Tegh Bahadur martyrdom Sikh
November 26 Day of the Covenant Baha'i
November 27 Thanksgiving Interfaith USA
November 28 Ascension of Abdu'l-Baha Baha'i
November 30 Saint Andrew's Day Christian
Advents begins through
December 24
December 6 Saint Nicholas Day Christian
December 8 Rohatsu - Bodhi Day Buddhist
Immaculate Conception of Mary Catholic Christian
December 12 Feast Day of Our Lady of
Catholic Christian
December 16-25 Posades Navidenas Christian
December 17-24 Hanukkah Jewish
December 21 Solstice Yule Christian
Yule Wicca/Pagan northern hemisphere
Litha Wicca/Pagan southern hemisphere
December 24 Christmas Eve Christian
December 25 Christmas Christian
December 26 Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet
December 28 Holy Innocents Christian
December 31 Watch Night Christian
January 1 Mary, Mother of God Catholic Christian
Feast of St. Basil Orthodox Christian
  Gantan-sai (New Years) Shinto
  Holy Name of Jesus Orthodox Christian
January 5 Twelfth Night Christian
  Guru Gobindh Singh birthday Sikh
  Mahayana New Year Buddhist
January 6 Epiphany Christian
  Feast of the Theophany Orthodox Christian
  Nativity of Christ Armenian Orthodox Christian
  Dia de los Reyes Hispanic Christian
January 7 Feast of the Nativity Orthodox Christian
January 11 Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christian
January 18 Week of Prayer for Christian
January 19 Timkat Ethiopian Orthodox Christian
January 24 Vasant Panchami Hindu
January 25 Conversion of St. Paul Christian
February 1 Triodion begins Orthodox Christian
Four Chaplains Sunday Interfaith
UN Interfaith Harmony Week  United Nations World Interfaith  Interfaith  
February 2 Candlemas Christian
St. Brighid of Kildare Celtic Christian
Presentation of Christ in the
Anglican Christian
Imbolc - Lughnassa Wicca/Pagan northern
and southern hemispheres
February 3 Setsubun-sai Shinto
February 4 Tu BiShvat
(begins sundown on 3)
February 14 Saint Valentine's Day Christian
February 15 Nirvana Day Buddhist - Jain
Transfiguration Sunday Christian
Meatfare Sunday Orthodox Christian
February 17 Shrove Tuesday Christian
February 18 Ash Wednesday Christian
February 19 World Religion Day Baha'i
Chinese New Year Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist
February 22 Cheesefare Sunday Orthodox Christian
February 23 Clean Monday -
Great Lent begins
Orthodox Christian
February 26 -
Intercalary Days
(begins at sundown on 25th)
March 1 Saint David of Wales Christian
Orthodox Sunday Orthodox Christian
March 2-20 Nineteen Day Fast
(begins sundown on 1st)
March 5 Purim (begins sundown on 4th) Jewish
Magha Puja Day Buddhist
March 6 Holi Hindu
Hola Mohalla Sikh
March 17 St. Patrick's Day Christian
Maha Shivaratri Hindu
March 18 H.Ron Hubbard Birthday Scientology
March 20
Ostara Wicca/Pagan northern
Mabon Wicca/Pagan southern
March 21 Naw Ruz (New Years)
(begins sundown on 20th)
New Year Hindu
Norouz (New Year) Persian/Zoroastrian
March 22 Saint Joseph's Day Christian
March 25 Annunciation of the Blessed
Virgin Mary
March 28 Ramanavami Hindu
Birth of Prophet Zarathushtra Zoroastrian
March 29 Palm Sunday Christian
April 2 Maundy Thursday Christian
April 3 Good Friday Christian
Mahavir Jayanti Jain
April 4 Therevadin New Year Buddhist
Hanuman Jayanti Hindu
Lazasus Saturday Orthodox Christian
April 4-11 Pesach (Passover) (begins
sundown on the 3rd)
April 5 Easter Christian
  Palm Sunday Orthodox Christian
April 10 Holy Friday Orthodox Christian
April 12 Pascha (Easter) Orthodox Christian
April 14 Baisakhi - New Year Sikh
April 15 Lord's Evening Meal Jehovah's Witness
April 16 Yom HaShoah (begins
sundown on 15th)
April 21 First Day of Ridvan
(begins sundown on 20th)
April 23 St. George Day Christian
April 24 Yom Ha'Atzmaut (begins
sundown on 23rd)
April 29 Ninth Day of Ridvan Baha'i
May 1 Beltane - Samhain Wicca/Pagan northern
and southern hemispheres
May 2 Twelfth Day of Ridvan Baha'i
  Ascension of Jesus Orthodox Christian
May 4 Visakha Puja-Buddha Day Buddhist
May 7 Lag B'Omer Jewish
National Day of Prayer USA Interfaith
May 13 Lailat al Miraj (begins
sundown on 12th)
May 21 Declaration of the Bab Baha'i
May 24-25 Shavuot (begins sundown
on 23rd)
May 29 Ascension of Baha'u'llah
(begins sundown on 28th)
May 31 Pentecost Orthodox Christian
Trinity Sunday Christian
June 1 Lailat al Bara'ah (begins
sundown on May 31)
June 4 Corpus Christi Catholic Christian
June 7 All Saints Orthodox Christian
June 14 Lailat al Bara'ah Islam
June 16 Guru Arjan Dev martyrdom Sikh
June 18 Ramadan begins (begins
sundown on 17th)
June 19 New Church Day Swedenborgian Christian
  Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Christian
June 21
Litha Wicca/Pagan northern
Yule Wicca/Pagan southern
June 27 Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Christian
June 28 Ramadan begins Islam
June 29 Saints Peter and Paul Christian
July 9 Martyrdom of the Bab Baha'i
July 13 Asalha Puja Day Buddhist
Lailat al Kadr (begins sundown
on 12th)
Ulambana - Obon Buddhist
July 18-21 Eid al Fitr (begins sundown
on 17th)
July 23 Emperor Haile Selassi I birthday Rastafari
July 24 Pioneer Day Mormon Christian
July 26 Tish'a B'av (begins sundown on